About SmartCAMcnc Staff

Gregg Olson - SmartCAMcnc Founder and President

Gregg Olson's background is almost exclusively in CAM product development. When he founded SmartCAMcnc in 2003, he began with over 22 years of experience developing CNC programming systems. His previous work include time at Weber Systems as a programmer, programming supervisor and special projects programmer, at Point Control and CAMAX, where he held positions as software engineer and senior software engineer and at SDRC where he was a senior software engineer, project manager, program manager and finally software development manager for the CAM group.

Gregg has chosen to remain in Eugene both for the quality of life, and because of the significant SmartCAM talent pool that still remains in the area.

Hugh Caldwell - Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Mr. Caldwell came to SmartCAMcnc early in 2004 with 15 years sales and marketing experience in the high tech sector, nine of them in the CAM and CAD/CAM software industries. He most recently served as Regional Sales Manager for a large high-tech component distributor for three years. Prior to that, he spent eight years in the sales marketing, and marketing communications groups for Point Control Company, CAMAX Manufacturing Technologies, and Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC).

Hugh has lived in Eugene since 1976 and is excited to be bring SmartCAM back to the manufacturing community.

Casey Baker - Applications Engineer / Software Trainer

Casey has been working in CNC manufacturing for more the 30 years. Jerry Blakely, co-founder of Point Control Company, taught him programming. Casey joined Point Control in 1987 as a support technician. In that postion, he participated in trade shows, product demonstrations, and delivered SmartCAM training. After leaving Point Control, Casey, has worked for a number of local manufacturers programming CNC mills, lathes, punches, plasma cutters, lasers and wood routers.

Casey is from Eugene, Oregon and enjoys woodworking, just completing a cedar strip canoe, and is building a small CNC wood router.

John Gent - Applications Engineer

John Gent has a manufacturing background spanning more than 28 years. Almost all of it is based in CNC fabrication and machining. In 1993 he joined Point Control where he was a Quality Assurance Engineer, Applications Engineer, Staff Technologist for Customer Service, Product Planner and Product Manager. From his many years of shop experience, John helped design some of the most popular features in SmartCAM. John is our SmartCAM technical expert and advocate.

John remains in Eugene where he also enjoys the quality of life, and maintains close ties with many of the Point Control alumni.

Terry Antrobus - International Business Development Director

Mr. Antrobus is responsible for working with existing SmartCAM resellers around the world, developing new resellers and markets, and for all international direct sales. Terry has sizeable experience in the sales, development, promotion and commercial support of CAM sales partners.

Originally a hands-on CNC programmer, Terry most recently spent 18 years in CAM sales with a UK CAM software developer, serving as International Dealer Manager since 2002. Prior to that he was a co-founder of Tech CADCAM Ltd, UK SmartCAM reseller

His outside interests include classic cars, river boating, fishing, and DIY projects.

Paul Kavanagh - Sales Engineer

Mr. Kavanagh is a SmartCAMcnc sales engineer responsible for North American SmartCAM sales. Paul has been a machinist for 29 years and began marketing and developing SmartCAM with Point Control Company in 1987, first as an Applications Engineer, then as Product Manager. Paul lead the team that created SmartCAM Advanced Turning and Advanced Wire EDM.

Prior to joining Point Control, Paul worked in several tool & die shops programming and operating jig grinders, wire EDM's, mills and lathes.

Paul's loves to spend time in his home CNC shop where he uses Solid Edge, SmartCAM, and a CNC router table to make wood guitars, furniture, and signs.

Bob Geddings - Software Release Manager

Mr. Geddings oversees SmartCAM product integration and release processes and manages the company's quality control and assurance group. He brings to SmartCAMcnc with 20 years of software development industry experience including 15 years with Point Control and its successor companies. His previous SmartCAM experience includes serving as Quality Assurance Manager, Technical Product Manager, Project Manager, and Release Manager. Previous to SmartCAMcnc, Bob was a senior Quality Assurance engineer with Summit Information Systems and FabTrol MRP, as well as a Senior Project Lead at Lunar Logic.

Bob enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and temperate weather of the Eugene area.

Doug Oliver - Senior Product Manager

Mr. Oliver manages the SmartCAM product development and release processes and provides direction for future SmartCAM releases. Oliver has over 30 years of CNC, CAM and CAD/CAM industry experience, most recently serving as Sales and Distribution Manager for EZCAM Solutions. He served eight years as SmartCAM Product and Release Manager with Point Control and its successor companies. Oliver oversaw all project and feature planning for SmartCAM as well as Generative Machining, which was the first CAM product to use the innovative Surface Machining Module (SMM).

Doug enjoys camping, hiking, bicycling, motorcycles, welding, and tinkering in his garage shop.

Peter Chamberlain - Senior Software Engineer

Mr. Chamberlain has brought his computational geometry expertise to SmartCAMcnc after four years of teaching Mechanical Engineering at the University of Portland. Prior that position, Mr. Chamberlain was an instructor at the University of Utah while completing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in CAD/CAM applications. His skillset will assist our efforts adding new SmartCAM toolpath generation projects.

Peter is a native Oregonian who enjoys bicycling, hiking, photography and spending time with his family.

David Browne - Senior Software Engineer

Mr. Browne has been working in software development for over 30 years. His academic background is in both Computer Science and Industrial Engineering, where he did research with CAD/CAM and artificial intelligence. Prior to joining SmartCAMcnc in 2009, he worked on CAD/CAM research applications and commercial Computer Aided Software Engineer (CASE) tools at KBSI, with SDRC's development team in Oregon and lead the development of simulation software for product/project management training workshops for The Palatine Group.

David enjoys living in the Pacific Northwest and spending time with his friends and family.

Carol Applegate - Office Manager

Carol manages the SmartCAMcnc office, and has more than 15 years experience in computer technology/software related industries, including five years with Point Control Company, the original creators of SmartCAM.

Carol is an avid Nascar fan, and supports the University of Oregon sports teams. She likes to bowl, roller skate and ride motorcycles.