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SSA Key Request Overview

The following summarizes the process for requesting new or replacement product license keys. You will need to have an active SmartCAM software subscription agreement for this process to be sucessful.

The information summarized here will also be displayed in the body of the email that this process will generate.

  1. Install your SmartCAM product(s) on the computer that will be used to run SmartCAM. Your new license keys will not work on any other computer.

    This step is only needed for new SmartCAM installations. If you are requesting replacement keys, you will already have SmartCAM installed.

  2. Run the "License Manager" utility (the shortcut is found in your SmartCAM program folder, in the Windows "Start" menu).

    This will open the SmartCAM License Manager utility. In the utility, choose "Create Key Request form." Enter your contact information and choose the product(s) installed on your computer.

    Choose the "Save Form" button to generate a key request form and save the form to your computer. Please make note of the path and filename located in the Name field.

    Note: To provide operational license keys for all your products, the License Manager utility must be run on the computer after all your SmartCAM product(s) have been installed.

  3. Click on the "Request No-Charge License Keys" button, which will create a new email.
  4. Attach your License Key request file to the email and send the email to SmartCAMcnc.
  5. Upon confirmation of the provided information, SmartCAMcnc will email the license key(s) back to you, typically within one working day.

If you have questions, please email them to: KeyRequest@SmartCAMcnc.com.

Thank you for choosing SmartCAM!

SSA Key Request

Customers with a current SmartCAMcnc software subscription agreement are not charged any fee for reissuance of license keys.

Please note that SmartCAMcnc can only provide license keys for the version of SmartCAM that you are licensed to run. If you have an active subscription on a SmartCAM application, we can only provide license keys for the current version of that application.

If you require one-version-back license keys, because you have not yet updated to the current version, please let us know and we will provide temporary license keys for you to use.

If you have a current SmartCAM software subscription agreement, please click on the button below to request no-charge license keys.


If this button does not work for you, email your Key Request Form to KeyRequest@SmartCAMcnc.com.
Please include your Company Name and Customer ID in the email.