SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling - Coming Soon

SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling - Coming Soon
SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling, an easy-to-use and affordable shop-floor programming system designed to empower machinists with CNC programming independent of their in-house programming department. With this new product launch SmartCAMcnc provides more functionality than traditional conversational programming, offline and independent of specific conversational CNC format.

SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling will launch on the Predator Cloud Network which provides a secure shop floor network and computing platform in the cloud via a low cost monthly subscription. Each machinist's Windows desktop, data and applications are stored in the cloud and automatically backed up.

SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling

SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling running on the Predator Cloud Network.


SmartCAM ShopFloor (Coming Soon) Quick Demo - Titles; No narration

A 3-minute demonstration of the new SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling CAM VMware that runs exclusively on the Predator Cloud Network.(3 mins 6 seconds)