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SmartCAM V18 Highlight Videos

Programming B- and C-Axis and Live Tooling in SmartCAM V18.5

SmartCAM Advanced Turning now provides support for multi-function lathes with B-axis configurations, and C-axis indexing capabilities of Advanced Turning have been extended. (5 minutes, 15 seconds).

Sub-Spindle Support in SmartCAM V18.5

Several new features provide basic support for lathes with opposing sub-spindle configurations. Turning and milling operations can now be defined for the main or sub-spindle, and code generation can conditionally output the necessary spindle and mode commands. (4 minutes, 2 seconds).

Morph Pattern Roughing Toolpath in SmartCAM V18.5

SmartCAM V18.5 Milling applications (including Advanced Turning) include a significant new roughing process option for creating morphing toolpath. (5 minutes, 16 seconds).

Rest Milling Roughing in SmartCAM V18.0

New capabilities have been introduced to all SmartCAM V18.0 milling applications which allow material remaining from previous roughing processes to be easily identified and re-machined. (7 minutes, 27 seconds).

Feature-Based Holemaking with SmartCAM V18.0

SmartCAM Version 18 introduces several new advanced capabilities in the area of holemaking. Improved solid-model feature-recognition combined with a new Hole Feature Element type provides the ability to model complex compound-holes with full parametric detail. (7 minutes, 16 seconds).

Helical Milling Improvements in SmartCAM V18.0

Several key improvements have been made to the helical milling capabilities of SmartCAM. (4 minutes, 20 seconds).

General Core Modeling, Toolpath Editing and Usability Improvements in SmartCAM V18.0

Several customer-requested core modeling and toolpath editing improvements can be found in all SmartCAM V18.0 applications, including machinable system fonts, a clip-to-intersection editing tool, improvements to toolpath verification and enhanced geometry layer mapping. Several usability and productivity enhancements are also found, including improvements to toolpath verification. (8 minutes, 21 seconds).