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SmartCAM v2016 System Requirements

System requirements for SmartCAM v2016 have changed from the previous release only in regards to supported operating systems.

The Process Model content is displayed in a new expandable / collapsible tree structure using one of a set of pre-defined views
The Process Model content is displayed in a new expandable / collapsible tree structure using one of a set of pre-defined views

SmartCAM users updating from earlier version of SmartCAM applications should compare their current systems to the v2016 system requirements and make any necessary changes prior to installation.

Operating System
SmartCAM is tested and supported on the following 32-bit and/or 64-bit operating systems.

  • Microsoft® Windows 10® Pro
  • Microsoft® Windows 8® Professional
  • Microsoft® Windows 7® Professional (Strongly Recommended)
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business
  • NOTE: for Windows 8 and Windows 10, SmartCAM runs as a desktop application, not as a Metro application

Other Operating Systems
SmartCAM applications are only tested on the above listed operating systems. SmartCAMcnc does not provide technical support for running SmartCAM applications on other operating systems.

Remote Access
Remote access, for running SmartCAM on a remote computer, is not available on multi-user operating systems; such as Windows Server. On single user systems, such as the above listed supported operating systems, SmartCAM can be run remotely using Windows Remote Desktop.

Windows Terminal Services are not supported. Remote Desktop is not supported on multi-user servers, as it is based on Terminal Services.

Processor (CPU)
Recommended: Intel® Core™ I7, Intel® Core™ I5, Intel® Pentium® IV, or AMD Athlon® XP, Intel® Dual-Core or Higher
Minimum: Intel® Core™ I3, Pentium® IV, or Athlon® XP

Physical RAM
Recommended: 8 GB or greater
Minimum: 2 GB

Hard Disk Space
SmartCAM Install Files: Approximately 230MB of disk space for each NC application installation setup file. Approximately 185 MB for the 32-bit to 64-bit Data Translator update and approximately 5.5 MB for each supporting application. After you have installed and verified your applications the installation files made be deleted.

SmartCAM Installed Applications: Approximately 570 MB for the first installed SmartCAM application and approximately 25 MB for each additional NC application. The 64-bit Data Translation Update requires an additional 485 MB after being installed.

Predator CNC Editor for SmartCAM: Approximately 325 MB for the install file and 300 MB for the installed editor.

Video Card
Recommended: 1280x1024 display resolution with True Color, 256MB display RAM; hardware-accelerated OpenGL v1.2 (or higher)
Minimum: 1024x768 display resolution with True Color, 32MB display RAM; hardware-accelerated OpenGL v1.2 (or higher)

Note: Problems have been reported running SmartCAM using some motherboard embedded video chipsets. A separate video adapter is recommended.

Performance note: You will get better video performance by using faster video adapters with more video RAM.

Internet Access
An active internet connection, with e-mail support, on any computers installed with SmartCAM. SmartCAM Technical Support access is via email and the SmartCAMcnc website. All SmartCAM releases, updates, and fixes are provided only by internet download.

Windows Mouse and keyboard. Optional: 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator and SpaceBall 3D mice are supported but not required.

Note: Optional digitizers must be configured as a mouse.