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SmartCAM v2017 Extended and Enhanced Rotary Axis Support

SmartCAM® Version 2017 includes new technology to further support Rotary Axis positioning equipment.

A new SmartCAM Rotary Axis positioning engine and Code Generator integration improvements extends technical capability.

This critical work lays the foundation for further multi-axis capabilities planned for near-term future releases.


SmartCAM Version 2017 Rotary Axis (no audio)

Technical details are:

New Rotary Axis positioning algorithms and tools

A new Rotary Axes positioning engine delivered with SmartCAM Version 2017 includes new algorithms for calculating CNC Rotary Axis indexing positions and paths, plus increased and improved integration with the Code Generator tools.

New Rotary Axis positioning algorithms and tools
New Rotary Axis positioning algorithms and tools

New terminology reflects the increased range of supported rotary axis configurations

Industry-recognized terminology has been adopted when referring to rotary axes.

For every rotary axis configuration, one of the axes can be deemed to be Closer To Workpiece and the other Closer to Tool

Travel Limits incorporated into the Code Generator Machine Define file (smf)

Tracking of a rotary axis start angle position and rotary travel limits for the Closer to Workpiece and Closer to Tool axes has been added to the SmartCAM code generator toolkit; previous versions required axis travel limits to be checked using template file logic.

The angular output range and the minimum / maximum angle travel limits and default start angle can all be specified for each rotary axis.

These improvements considerably reduce the effort and time required to create Code Generators for machinery with indexable axes.

Enhanced Code Generator tools further support new rotary axis capabilities

Enhancements include:

  • Machine Define file (.smf) statements available to configure table / head axes permutations: First Phase
  • New Machine Define statements to independently define the start angle and minimum & maximum angular output range for each axis
  • Dependence upon logic in the code generator template to extensively track angular motion is reduced by extended Rotary Axis Engine / Code Generator integration
  • New Euler Angle Code output capability.