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SmartCAM v2017 Milling Improvements

Milling Toolpath Process technology enhancements are delivered in the SmartCAM® Version 2017 release:


SmartCAM Version 2017 Enhanced Open Profile Process

All New Open Profile Region Calculation

The Open Profile Process region calculation algorithms have been completely replaced, many limitations of previous versions have been removed; changes in the Process "Design Intent" means that a wider variety of geometric cases are now successfully supported. The SmartCAM CAM engineer is provided with additional tools and options to generate Toolpath to precise requirements.

New Open Profile Region Calculation
New Open Profile Region Calculation

Enhanced Open Profile Process Smoothing

The Open Profile Process has been enhanced to support the same toolpath smoothing options that are available in the other SmartCAM Roughing Toolpath Processes. Toolpath smoothing means that the Open Profile Process is now more suitable for high speed machining applications.

Additionally, the revised function now handles occurrences where open regions pinch off into closed areas, removing a previous limitation.

Lead In/Out and Cutter Compensation capability added to the Open Profile Process

The Open Profile Process now supports Lead in / Lead out moves and tool-center toolpath radius compensation. The SmartCAM programmer now has increased options available for creating semi-finishing and finishing toolpath processes.