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SmartCAM v2017 Miscellaneous Improvements

Several miscellaneous but useful improvements have been added in the SmartCAM® Version 2017 release.

Improved Job Data Connections when Merging Process Models

When merging a previously created PM5 model in to your current process model, a new option allows the merged model's Tool/Step information to also be imported and the Geometry-to-Step connection maintained.

Solid Hole Secondary Axis Alignment

SmartCAM users who generate hole toolpath from CAD solid model data are now equipped with a new Axis Align option which can be used to influence the secondary axis orientation of workplanes used by holes.

The benefit of this enhancement is in being able to better and more logically orientate the workplane axes with existing workplanes or the World Axis system according to user programming preferences and standards.

Reset an Options setting

Being able to reset an options setting to the as-installed "factory" state is a small detail, but users who have ever had the need to do this will fully appreciate how useful is this small enhancement.

Changes to the Visual Customization Toolkit (VCTK)

A popular enhancement request from our customers who use the customization toolkit, the ability to change the order of items presented in a custom-designed panel saves considerable time compared to the tasks needed to accomplish it in previous versions.

Updated CAD Data Translation

SmartCAM Version 2017 incorporates the ACIS Version 2017 SP2 kernel.

The optional native CAD file translators have been updated:

Supported by SmartCAM Version 2017
Autodesk® Inventor® Connection2017
Solid Edge® ConnectionST9
SOLIDWORKS® Connection2017