SmartCAM v2017 User Interface Improvements

A part of the SmartCAM® development plan is to deliver a number of graphical user interface and usability improvements with every release, each providing usability and flexibility enhancements that even further improve the SmartCAM interaction experience.

New Drag-and-Drop functionality in the List View

We think that SmartCAM users are really going to like this enhancement. The ability to quickly and easily resequence individual elements or groups of elements is a fundamental and primary concept in the use of SmartCAM. The existing methods of doing just that are still in place, but in this release we have added the ability to drag-and-drop elements within the List View.

Our animation below shows a simple use of drag-and-drop to restructure and reposition a fragmented CAD Layer in the model database. Existing users will immediately spot how easily that is achieved compared to existing methods.

There's more. You are even able to drag-and-drop the insert position marker to change the current insert position.

New Drag-and-Drop functionality in the List View
New Drag-and-Drop functionality in the List View

New Job Info button added to the application toolbar

Job information - Job Notes, Machine and Material - was previously accessed from the planner. A new toolbar icon opens the Job Information panel directly.

The Job Information panel now includes a Work Setup tab, where Stock and Fixture information for the process model can be defined.

KBM Library data display is more user-customizable

Column headers of Tool- and Step-related tables in the KBM Library can be customized to reflect company-preferred systems and terminology. The display of individual columns can now also be turned on or off, more closely matching the requirements of company practices.

Customize KBM Library Tool and STEP table column headers
Customize KBM Library Tool and STEP table column headers

Move Up/Down Buttons Added to KBM Load Lists

The KBM Library Load Tools and Load Steps selected items lists now include Move Up and Move Down buttons that can be used to change the list order.

Solution Trigger Display Option

When a dialog has been populated with sufficient information to enable SmartCAM to solve the task and carry it out, the input field has previously been marked with an asterisk (*); the SmartCAM Solution Trigger

This has been extended, to allow you to make it clearer that the current input is a solution trigger input field. A preferred the solution trigger style and color can be set according to user preference. You can display the asterisk, or draw a box around the input field, or both.

Revised SmartCAM Solution Trigger behavior
Revised SmartCAM Solution Trigger behavior

The new solution trigger display is now also aware of whether coordinate (XY or XYZ) or ordinate (just the X, or the Y, or the Z) input mode is being used.