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SmartCAM v2019 Core Improvements

A number of practical core improvements have been added in the SmartCAM® Version 2019 release, including new 64-bit versions, a Knowledge Base Machining (KBM) enhancement, Verification improvements and a number of technical additions and enhancements.

64-bit Versions

SmartCAM v2019 NC applications are now available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version makes better use of modern computer hardware, allowing it to run applications quicker and address more RAM memory.

Note: A 64-bit version of Windows is required to run the 64-bit version of SmartCAM.

Knowledge Base Enhancements

Improved associativity for the Knowledge Base Manager.

A new task feature makes it easy to create associativity between Tools or Process Steps in the library and the active job. The links that are created by the use of the function mean that future changes in Library Tools and Steps are easily incorporated into the job for when there is a need to rework it.

Connect Active Job to KBM
Connect Active Job to KBM

Verification - View Section

With Verification paused, View Section Parameters can be used to change the view section settings. The updated settings will immediately be applied.

Sections in Verification
Sections in Verification

Wire EDM Upper / Lower Guide Offsets

The Wire EDM Roughing and Finishing operations now include new wire guide offset inputs.

The Upper Guide Offset specifies the distance from the toolpath Prof Top to the wire top above. The Lower Guide Offset specifies the distance from the toolpath Level to the wire bottom below. These settings are used by Verify when displaying wire electrodes.

Wire EDM Guide Offsets
Wire EDM Guide Offsets

Wall Offset - Single Element

In previous SmartCAM versions it was necessary to add an element to the Active Group before being able to create an Offset-Copy of the element. A new task option now means that the operation is simpler and quicker.

Wall Offset Single Element Command
Wall Offset Single Element Command

Additional Math Functions

Three new Math Functions are available within the Code Generator Template and Macro Systems. We don't show any practical use cases of the functions here, but users will know precisely when there is a need to use them in their work.

  • MOD(N,N) - Returns the integral modulus (the remainder after dividing one integer by another) of two values. For example, MOD(360,50) returns 10.
  • PI() - Returns the value of PI. You had to code your own before now.
  • RND(D,I) - Rounds a Decimal Number or Decimal Variable 'D' to 'I' decimal places. Those that have had to do so will really appreciate that one.

Updated Kernel and CAD Data Translators

The ACIS Kernel and SmartCAM CAD data translators have been updated to now support:

  • SOLIDWORKS v2018
  • SAT/SAB: R2018
  • Autodesk Inventor v2018
  • Solid Edge ST10
  • DXF/DWG: v2018