SmartCAM v2020 Visual CTK

SmartCAM users know how open, powerful and flexible is the SmartCAM Macro System, otherwise known as The CTK.

As is usual in a SmartCAM release, The CTK again benefits from a number of enhancements this time around.

Diameter Token Added

Supplementing the already existing RADIUS token is a new DIAMETER token. When used, this token allows you to enter or snap to an arc's diameter.

Token Panel Diameter
Token Panel Diameter

Properties Token Type Display

The Token Properties dialog box now displays a static label for input field tokens, indicating the token type. Previously this could not be determined unless a panel or dialog box was saved in PCS format, and then viewed in a text editor.

CTK Token Bar Tool Tips

When creating Panels or Dialogs, by adding tokens to the window, tool tips are shown as the mouse overs over the token bar. You no longer have to click on the token to find out what type it is.