New SmartCAM Subscription Options: Perpetual vs. Annual Only

SmartCAM Subscription Agreements (SSA) are available for the entire SmartCAM software product line, offer many benefits, and now SmartCAM users have a choice to get SmartCAM at a reduced price-point.

Two Subscription Types: Perpetual & Annual

For decades SmartCAM was sold one way: the customer buys a SmartCAM "base license" along with a SmartCAM Software Agreement. SmartCAM has always been a great value, but for some customers eyeing their bottom line, the overall entry cost can seem steep. To lessen the entry price for those customers, there is a new licensing option that offers substantial lower up-front costs.

Introducing Annual SmartCAM Software Subscriptions. This new option brings you the power and accuracy of the best CAM system at much reduced entry costs.

Perpetual License Annual Subscription
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
First-year Total $1950 $3900 $7800 $80/Mo*
Next Renewal $650 $1300 $2600 $80/Mo* $160/Mo* $320/Mo*
w/Rewards $520 $1040 $2080 N/A N/A N/A

SmartCAM Level 1:  Production Milling, Production Turning, Advanced Wire EDM, or Advanced Fabrication

SmartCAM Level 2:  Advanced Milling, Advanced Turning

SmartCAM Level 3:  FreeForm Machining

Customer Rewards Program:  Perpetual license customers can earn up to 20% off renewal prices.

Duration of Perpetual Use License:  Unlimited.

Quantity Discounts:  May apply; please contact SmartCAMcnc for details.

Available Territories:  USA and Canada; please inquire regrading other territories.

*Billed annually.


What's Included in SSA?
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