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This page contains a collection of user created fonts, a VBA reporting utility, a utility to help with using Windows File Association when you have multiple SmartCAM applications installed, and a configuration utility.

SmartCAMcnc makes no guarantees of the function or accuracy of, nor provides support for these freeware utilities.

SmartCAM Font Collection

A collection of several font files that were created by SmartCAMcnc or a predecessor, some by SmartCAM resellers and some by SmartCAM customers. Because of this, SmartCAMcnc can make no guarantees about how they work.

These fonts are written using the older .SH2 file format, they should be converted to .PM5 format for version of SmartCAM more recent than v15. Additional fonts, in the current .PM5 format, are available in the SMA Premium Content section of the website.

Click here for a picture of the fonts and their names.

The SmartCAM font files are available in a zipped file. This file can be found here:

SmartCAM Fonts

Save the file and unzip to your SmartCAM font directory. The SmartCAM font folder location varies between versions, currently the default path is: \ProgramData\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv##\SHARED\FONTS. Where ## is replaced by your current SmartCAM major version number.

Report Assistant

Several Job Report utilities can be found here including a Report Assistant and utilities that use VBA to create reports directly inside of Word.

These utilities are not connected to the current JOS Reports reporting functionality.

SmartCAM Report Creation Utilities

SmartCAM Configuration Utility

A configuration utility for aid in customizing your SmartCAM interface. Save and run the executable - follow the directions during the installation.

Starting in SmartCAM v19.5, the Utility - Options window allows you to make the same changes as the configuration utility.

This utility is written using Visual Basic 6.0, which is an old version of the language. VB6 pre-dates 64-bit PC architecture, as such it sometimes has problems finding the current version of the SmartCAMcnc.INI file. If this happens, use File - Open SmartCAM INI and manually browse to and open your current INI file.

If when running the utility you receive missing OCX or missing DLL errors, then you need to download and install the missing runtime files. They can be found on the Microsoft website. Use this link:

If this link no longer works, go to the Microsoft website and search for "VB6 runtime". You will be looking for the Visual Basic 6.0 Run-Time Redistribution Pack.

SmartCAM Configuration Utility for v19.x

SmartCAM Configuration Utility for v18.x

SmartCAM Configuration Utility for v17.x

SmartCAM Configuration Utility for v16.x

SmartCAM Configuration Utility for v15.x

SmartCAM Configuration Utility for v14.x

SmartCAM Configuration Utility for v13.x

SmartCAM Configuration Utility for v12.x

SmartCAM Launch Utility

Utility batch file that allows association of SmartCAM Process Model file extensions with the correct SmartCAM applications. After installing and configuring, can double-click on a Process Model and the correct installed SmartCAM application will launch and load the model file. Save the ZIP archive and extract, then follow instructions in the README.TXT file.

SmartCAM Launch Utility