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SmartCAM Exploring Guides Tutorials

The "Exploring SmartCAM" tutorials are intended to give you a broad introduction to SmartCAM software features while helping you build a solid foundation of skills. This will enable you to easily learn more advanced skills as you use SmartCAM on your own, to accomplish specific work tasks.

These tutorials were originally created for SmartCAM V11 applications. We understand the importance of updating the tutorials to the current versions of SmartCAM, but unfortunately we must recreate these documents without the benefit of the original source files, which causes a delay to this large project.

Because the foundational concepts have not changed since the tutorials were created, and we suggest that current SmartCAM users can use these tutorials with confidence. When updates to the tutorials are available, we will notify all current SmartCAMcnc customers.

In the meantime, be sure to review the content in Learning SmartCAM. Learning SmartCAM is an online site that offers background information and how-to tutorials for many of SmartCAM's features and functions. You can launch the site using the various links on this website or from within our SmartCAM application using Help - Online Manuals.

The tutorials are available in PDF format can be viewed from our website, but we recommend you save a copy to your local drive SmartCAM directory.

Here are the links to the individual guides:

"Exploring SmartCAM Milling Family" Tutorial - 4.05 Mb

"Exploring SmartCAM Turning Family" Tutorial - 2.65 Mb

"Exploring SmartCAM Fabrication" Tutorial - 2.84 Mb

"Exploring SmartCAM Wire EDM" Tutorial - 2.69 Mb

Sample Files

The SmartCAM sample part files intended for use with the Exploring SmartCAM guides are available in a separate self-extracting-zip file. This file can be found here:

"Exploring SmartCAM" Sample Files - 13.7 Mb

Instructions for Downloading Sample Files

When the 'File Download' dialog box opens, choose 'Save' to copy the file to your local or network drive. When you open the file a default path of 'C:\SM9' will be provided. This is the typical installation folder for older versions of SmartCAM.

Note: change this path only if needed to match your SmartCAM install location.