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About SmartCAMcnc Senior Staff

Gregg Olson - SmartCAMcnc Founder and President

Gregg's background is almost exclusively in CAM product development. When he founded SmartCAMcnc in 2003, he began with over 22 years of experience developing CNC programming systems. His previous work include time at Weber Systems as a programmer, programming supervisor and special projects programmer, at Point Control and CAMAX, where he held positions as software engineer and senior software engineer and at SDRC where he was a senior software engineer, project manager, program manager and finally software development manager for the CAM group.

Gregg has chosen to remain in Eugene both for the quality of life, and because of the significant SmartCAM talent pool that still remains in the area.

Doug Oliver - Senior Product Manager

Doug manages the SmartCAM product development and release processes and provides direction for future SmartCAM releases. Oliver has over 30 years of CNC, CAM and CAD/CAM industry experience, most recently serving as Sales and Distribution Manager for EZCAM Solutions. He served eight years as SmartCAM Product and Release Manager with Point Control and its successor companies. Oliver oversaw all project and feature planning for SmartCAM as well as Generative Machining, which was the first CAM product to use the innovative Surface Machining Module (SMM).

Doug enjoys camping, hiking, bicycling, motorcycles, welding, and tinkering in his garage shop.

John Gent - Application Engineer

John has a long history with machining. John's father was a machinist and John had a long career in the Navy doing machining. Right out of the Navy, he joined the public sector using his military experience until 1991 when he joined Point Control. He has acted and continues to assist in many capacities from development, to support and any given day might find him doing direct training with customers.

In his off time, you can regularly find John playing any number of instruments he enjoys including the mandolin, bass, resonator or fiddle at some local venue with his cohorts: enjoying jamming to whatever ditty tickles their fancy.