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About SmartCAMcnc

SmartCAM was originally developed in the 1980's by early CAM-industry pioneer Point Control Company. As leaders in stand-alone CAM, Point Control and SmartCAM saw tremendous success. SmartCAM became recognized as a world leader in CAM technology and for many years was the number one seller in the stand-alone CAM marketplace.

Point Control and SmartCAM's success brought attention from the entire industry, and beginning in the mid-1990's, SmartCAM was the casualty of four corporate acquisitions and reacquisitions over an eight year span: Camax Systems, then SDRC, EDS, and finally by UGS (formerly Unigraphics) took turns controlling SmartCAM.

Obtaining the corporate-level support required to keep SmartCAM in development became increasingly difficult with each new acquisition. Eventually corporate management moved the entire SmartCAM development staff to various CAD and integrated CAD/CAM products.

Unfortunately for the large and faithful SmartCAM user base, development of the highly-respected and successful stand-alone CAM system was shut down in the late 1990's; eventually even technical support was completely stopped in 2001.

Enter SmartCAMcnc.

About SmartCAMcnc

Beginning in early 2002, Gregg Olson began meeting with key software engineers, technical support managers, and salespeople designing a plan to bring SmartCAM back from the ashes. In 2003, SmartCAMcnc was founded by Mr. Olson for the sole purpose of acquiring the rights to enhance, develop, support, and sell SmartCAM. Late that year, UGS (then the owner of SmartCAM) agreed to provide Mr. Olson the exclusive rights to bring SmartCAM back to the marketplace.

Despite a five year absence from the marketplace, SmartCAM's loyal customer base continued to stay large and active. This was the most important factor in the decision to form the company.

SmartCAMcnc is located in Eugene, Oregon, the birthplace of SmartCAM. All totaled, SmartCAMcnc staff has combined for over 150 work years experience developing and marketing SmartCAM and other manufacturing software.