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SmartCam camera inquiries, click here.

USA & Canada Sales Inquiries

      Sales@SmartCAMcnc.com     541-344-4563

Sales inquiries are best initiated by email to the SmartCAMcnc Sales Group. This will log your request in the customer response queue to ensure that the correct member of the sales team will contact you as quickly as possible. (Please note that calls to the SmartCAM sales group cannot be transferred to the Technical Support Group. Please see "Technical Support Contacts" above for how to initiate a technical support call.

Please include any relevant information that might help the sales team assist you, such as your company name, history with SmartCAM and current needs.

International Sales Inquiries

      International Sales      541-344-4563

SmartCAMcnc offers sales and technical support to its large base of international SmartCAM customers, both directly and through the SmartCAM Authorised Dealer Network.

Localised versions of SmartCAM are available for many languages.

Please contact us to be put in contact with an appropriate account manager, who will help you to learn more about SmartCAM.

International Reseller Inquiries

      Sales@SmartCAMcnc.com      541-344-4563

SmartCAM business continues to expand in the global manufacturing marketplace. There are opportunities for appropriately-skilled and experienced organizations to represent our products in many sales territories. Contact us for an initial discussion International Sales.

Key Request Inquiries

Click here for information on how to send requests for replacement license keys.

Technical Support Requests

To open the "Request for Technical Support" web page, click here. This page is used to enter information about the support request and submit it to SmartCAMcnc. This will log your request in our support call tracking system and place your request in the queue to ensure that a member of the support team will contact you as quickly as possible.

To better enable the support group to assist you, please provide a thorough explanation of your support question. If you have relevant files to provide, reply to the automated acknowledgement email and attach the files.

General Inquiries

1144 Gateway Loop, Suite 220
Springfield, Oregon USA 97477-7750
(541) 344-4563