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A new annual release schedule has been announced for SmartCAM, beginning with SmartCAM 2014 in Q4 2013

SmartCAMcnc Announces New SmartCAM Product Line Release Schedule

Annual release maximizes development efforts toward enhancements and new features

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - Springfield, Oregon - SmartCAMcnc has announced a new development release schedule for the SmartCAM® suite of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. Effective immediately, SmartCAM will now have a single, major 4th-quarter release, with "service pack" maintenance releases scheduled as needed.

Previously SmartCAM had two major releases per year. The new release schedule provides SmartCAMcnc's staff a longer, uninterrupted development cycle by eliminating the release activities related to testing, validating and delivering a second major release each year.

The SmartCAM CAM software family consists of applications for Computer-Numerical Control (CNC) milling, turning, fabrication and wire EDM.

The first version under the new release schedule will be "SmartCAM 2014," due Q4 2013. Service pack maintenance releases of the SmartCAM product family will be issued as needed to address minor issues, but typically not adding new core components or features. The previous major version of SmartCAM was Version 19.5 released in November 2012, and the current release is SmartCAM V19.7 released in early May of this year.

"For the past ten years SmartCAMcnc has made tremendous strides in developing SmartCAM into a leader in the CAD/CAM software market." said Douglas Oliver, SmartCAMcnc's Senior Product Manager. "The release-to-release advancement of SmartCAM capability has been very encouraging to SmartCAM customers."

"The new annual release schedule provides greater development efficiency, making it now possible to fit additional, significant projects into the development schedule." Douglas went on to say.

"For the customer, more new features means greater value for their maintenance investment. An example of an important new feature made easier with the annual release schedule is the new transactional-database "Undo" system that will be found in the SmartCAM 2014 release. The addition of such capability makes us confident that our customers will find the annual release plan beneficial."

About SmartCAM & SmartCAMcnc

For over 30 years, the SmartCAM family of computer-aided manufacturing software provides toolpath modeling and CNC programming for prismatic production work to complex molds, dies, and prototypes. SmartCAMcnc provides affordable software subscription contracts, updates, upgrades and technical support for all SmartCAM users, regardless of version. All SmartCAM applications include standard CAD translators and access to optional native CAD translators.

SmartCAMcnc is an Oregon-based company that develops and markets the SmartCAM suite of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for the benefit of its worldwide customer base. Gregg Olson, founder and president of SmartCAMcnc, has been involved in developing CNC programming systems since 1979, with over two decades of experience in various product development capacities for Weber Systems, Point Control, CAMAX, and SDRC.

To monitor further developments please visit www.SmartCAMcnc.com.

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