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SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling
SmartCAMcnc announces SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling on the Predator Cloud Network

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Provides easy & affordable way to use shop floor CNC programming on secure Predator Cloud Network

Monday, September 12, 2016 - Springfield, Oregon - SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling will launch on the Predator Cloud Network which provides a secure shop floor network and computing platform in the cloud via a low cost monthly subscription. Each machinist‘s Windows desktop, data and applications are stored in the cloud and automatically backed up. In addition to SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling, additional Predator hardware and applications include Predator DNC, Predator PDM, Predator MDC, Predator Virtual CNC, Predator CNC Editor, Predator Tracker and Predator Travelers are available via monthly subscription. All software updates, hardware replacement and desktop support for the managed desktops are performed by Predator support personnel. Add and subtract users or machines as needed with all changes reflected in the following month‘s bill. Cancel with 30 day‘s notice and return of all Predator cloud hardware. High speed Internet access and first and last month‘s subscription is all that is required to get started.

An industry first is the new Predator Cloud Network designed for manufacturing shop floor personnel. The expense and time needed to secure a manufacturing shop floor network and it‘s ongoing costs have been simplified to a low cost monthly subscription.

"We are very excited to partner wth Predator Software and their new Predator Cloud Network. Over the past several years Cloud Computing has taken an ever-expanding role in all facets of computing, and the manufacturing sector is no different." said Gregg Olson, SmartCAMcnc President.

"At one time, CAD/CAM software required a high-end and expensive computer system, some of which cost over well over $10,000 or more. With the recent advent of zero-client servers that cost less than the price of a quality office chair, even the smallest machine shops can use powerful CAD/CAM VMware through the Cloud, without incurring the expense and maintenance of costly PCs. SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling is SmartCAMcnc's first VMware offering, and we are eager to develop and deliver more applications in the VMware space." Olson went on to say.

"Cloud computing has changed every industry segment and it is time for manufacturers to take advantage of the platform on the shop floor." said Jim Abbassian, Predator Software President and Co-Founder. "The Predator Cloud Network solves the need while empowering shop floor personnel, manufacturing engineers and IT staff."

Current pricing is available via Predator Software and authorized Predator Software resellers. Introductory subscription pricing for SmartCAM ShopFloor Milling is USD$25/month, and offered on a month-by-month basis.

About SmartCAM & SmartCAMcnc

For over 30 years, the SmartCAM family of computer-aided manufacturing software provides toolpath modeling and CNC programming for prismatic production work to complex molds, dies, and prototypes. SmartCAMcnc provides affordable software subscription contracts, updates, upgrades and technical support for all SmartCAM users, regardless of version. All SmartCAM applicatons include standard CAD translators, optional native CAD translators and NC editing software from Predator Software, Inc (www.predator-software.com).

SmartCAMcnc is an Oregon-based company that develops and markets the SmartCAM suite of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for the benefit of its worldwide customer base. Gregg Olson, founder and president of SmartCAMcnc, has been involved in developing CNC programming systems since 1979, with over two decades of experience in various product development capacities for Weber Systems, Point Control, CAMAX, and SDRC.

To monitor further developments please visit www.SmartCAMcnc.com.

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