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SmartCAM™ ProE/Creo® Connection

SmartCAM™ ProE®/Creo® Connection™ is an optional, native-format data translator available for purchase. When installed on a system with SmartCAM™, it allows users to read ProE® ProE® part files directly into SmartCAM without need to use intermediate file formats such as STEP, IGES or SAT Solid.

SmartCAM ProE/Creo Connection Features

  • Reads .IPT Files
    Reads ProE/Creo .PRT, .PRT.*, and .XPR part files from ProE version 16 through Creo 3.0.
  • Drag and Drop
    Your ProE/Creo files can be opened directly in your SmartCAM application using drag and drop.
  • Part Model Units
    Supports the metric or inch units of the solid model file.

Ease of Use
Once installed, the SmartCAM ProE/Creo Connection is accessed directly via the File Open and Merge dialog boxes, and supports drag and drop onto the SmartCAM interface.

System Requirements
No additional requirements beyond the SmartCAM base application requirements.

More Information
For more information on SmartCAM ProE/Creo Connection, contact us through the website, www.SmartCAMcnc.com, email Sales@SmartCAMcnc.com, or call 541-344-4563.