SmartCAM Production Milling

SmartCAM Production Milling™ software is a wireframe‑based Toolpath Modeling solution for 2½‑D Roughing, Semi‑Finishing, Finishing and Hole Making including Spiral Milling and Thread Milling.

The SmartCAM Production Milling application is used to model toolpaths for prismatic components.

SmartCAM Production Milling users are able to create toolpaths using imported CAD solid models with Create From Solid functionality, including boundary & hole extraction and slicing the model.

Milling of Prismatic Parts
Milling of Prismatic Parts
Milling of Prismatic Parts
Milling of Prismatic Parts

The term 2½‑D has been widely used within the CNC & CAM software industries to mean the control of two axes simultaneously plus one positional axis , meaning that Toolpath and CNC code for linear and circular moves (usually in the XY plane but not limited to it) at a fixed depth (usually in the Z axis) can be generated by the CAM system.

Production Milling does not provide any capability for significant 3‑axis Toolpath and code ( simultaneous motion of the X,Y and Z‑axes). Our higher‑level applications are strongly recommended where 3‑axis Toolpath and code is a serious and frequent requirement.

2 D Milling Application

Essentially, that Toolpaths are not generated directly from solid models. Points, Lines, Arcs, Curves and other elements are used to represent Fixturing, Annotation, Toolpath containment boundaries and regions, or directly as Toolpaths.

In SmartCAM, CAD Layer Point, Line, Arc and Curve geometry is treated the same as Toolpath Point, Line, Arc and Curve geometry. Geometry for CAD Layer and Toolpath purposes can be imported from CAD data or can be constructed using the geometry tools within SmartCAM.

SmartCAM Production Milling users are also able to extract wireframe boundaries from CAD solid models for CAD Layer and Toolpath geometry Modeling purposes.

Wireframe‑based Application

CAM Engineers producing programs for milling Prismatic Components need to create CNC code for:

  • Closed‑Boundary Pocket Roughing
  • Open‑Boundary Pocket Roughing
  • Rest‑Roughing (removing material remaining from previous roughing operations using a smaller diameter cutter)
  • Plunge Roughing to efficiently remove material in difficult conditions where side‑cutting cannot easily be used
  • Facing
  • Profile Semi‑Finishing and Finishing, with or without Cutter Radius Compensation
  • Hole Making in all its forms: canned cycles and milling Toolpaths

Toolpath Modeling Processes available in SmartCAM Production Milling to meet and exceed those needs include:

Pocket & Group Pocket

Model toolpath for removing material from inside a single wireframe closed pocket profile or a group of wireframe closed pocket profiles.

The available Toolpath Motion Types are Part Offset, Spiral, ZigZag, Linear and Morph.

A group of wireframe closed island profiles that are to be avoided can also be specified.

Open Profile Roughing

Model toolpath for roughing a wireframe open‑sided pocket.


Model toolpath for a facing operation.

The area to be machined is defined by a wireframe closed profile representing the face boundary.

The available Toolpath Motion Types are Part Offset, Spiral, ZigZag, Linear and Morph.

A group of wireframe closed island profiles that are to be avoided can also be specified.


Model toolpath for single or multiple passes that machine a wireframe open or closed profile.

Region Roughing

Model toolpath to rough areas of material that are defined by a group of Region Elements.

Region elements are wireframe 2D boundaries created using SmartCAM Region Modeling tools.

Rest‑Machining Regions

Remove remaining material.

Each of the above toolpath processes can optionally generate Rest‑Mill Region elements which can then receive toolpath using the wireframe Region Roughing Process.

Plunge Roughing

Model toolpath for roughing within a closed wireframe boundary using feed moves in Z‑only.

Overlapping or non‑overlapping hole patterns can be created.

A group of wireframe closed island profiles that are to be avoided can also be specified.

Trochoidal Roughing

Model toolpath for trochoidal roughing using a circular, scrub‑like toolpath that follows a wireframe profile.

Hole Making

Model toolpath for hole making in all its forms.

SmartCAM Toolpath Modeling functionality for Hole Making operations is consistent in all of the Milling application products.

Hole Making toolpaths can be modeled using a number of methods that range from simple holes at a co‑ordinate point through to hole feature recognition and feature‑based toolpaths.

Hole Making toolpaths can also be modeled using milling tooling and operations, including Constant‑Spiral and Thread Milling cycles.

What more should you know about SmartCAM?
Toolpath & Geometry Modeling

Toolpath Modeling is an important SmartCAM core concept.

Each of the automated Toolpath generation Processes we have summarized above contain appropriate input options and parameters that can be used to control the resulting Toolpaths. The Processes generate single elements in the database, Process Containers in SmartCAM terminology.

Every SmartCAM license additionally includes extensive Toolpath Modeling functionality. CAD & Toolpath Elements can be constructed, manipulated and edited using the same set of SmartCAM tools.

If you can draw it then you can code and cut it: Create a CAM‑mode line, arc or profile, for example, and CNC code is immediately available.

CAD Elements can be property‑changed to become Toolpath Elements.

Toolpath Elements can be property‑changed to become CAD Elements.

The contents of those automated Process Containers can be extracted. Every single Toolpath move then becomes available for editing if necessary, and returned to the container or not.

What is the significance of SmartCAM Toolpath Modeling to you?

SmartCAM Toolpath Modeling means that you are able to create Toolpath and CNC code to the exact and sometimes unique needs of your CNC manufacturing business.

Toolpath Modeling is a part of what we like to refer to as The SmartCAM Difference. Watch our two minute video - which contains audio narration - to learn just a bit more about The SmartCAM Difference:

Toolpath Verification
Toolpath Verification

Every SmartCAM license at any product level is enabled with Toolpath Verification.

Toolpath motion can be verified with or without stock and fixturing. When stock is enabled the stock model is updated with the effect of every material‑removing cut.

Rapid moves through remaining stock and rapid or feed moves that cause a collision condition between any part of the tool assembly and remaining stock or fixturing can be flagged and clearly marked on the verification model.

Standard and custom cutting tools and holders can be included in the verification.

The resulting stock model can be saved and used as the stock for subsequent component operations.

Using CAD Drawings and Solid Models in SmartCAM

All SmartCAM licenses can read and write wireframe, surface and solid CAD files using ACIS SAT, STEP, IGES, DXF or DWG file formats.

Additionally, native CAD file translators are available at an additional cost that read SOLIDWORKS® .SLDPRT, Autodesk® Inventor® .IPT files, Solid Edge® .PAR and .PSM part files and ProE®/CREO® .PRT and .XPR files.

All SmartCAM applications can use CAD wireframe drawing data as reference geometry, toolpath, toolpath boundaries, stock boundaries and more.

Surface and Solid data can be read and wireframe geometry obtained from the model which can also be used for those same tasks.

Users of the higher‑level SmartCAM applications can model Toolpaths directly using the solid model.

The SmartCAM Code Generator (aka Post Processor)

Why buy a CAM system in the first place?

The single‑most important reason for investing in any CAM system is to enable you to quickly and easily generate high quality and reliable CNC Code for your CNC machining operations.

We could take up so much of your time in telling you every detail about the CNC code‑creation functionality delivered in every SmartCAM license, but as enthusiastic about our solutions as we are, this is not the place for us to do that.

But we would like to let you know that The SmartCAM Code Generator tools delivered with every single SmartCAM license are probably the most open and flexible in the CAM world.

They are not inaccessible black boxes but are based upon open formatting, output control and logic functions that enable SmartCAM users to modify and fine‑tune outputs to their precise needs.

  • %
  • O1888
  • N100 T01000
  • N105 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N110 G95 G80 G40
  • N120 G54
  • N130 M6 T01000
  • N135 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N140 M5
  • N145 M62
  • N150 T01001
  • N155 G50 S1500
  • N160 G96 S275 M3
  • N165 M08
  • N170 G00 X101.6 Z20.4
  • N175 X45.2 Z1.1
  • N180 Z0.5
  • N185 G01 X-1.6 F0.2
  • N190 Z1.0
  • N195 G00 X45.2 Z1.1
  • N200 Z0.0
  • N205 G01 X-1.6
  • N210 Z0.5
  • N215 G00 Z1.1
  • N220 X45.6 Z2.1
  • N225 X44.124
  • N230 G01 Z-34.825
  • N235 X45.4
  • N240 G00 X45.6 Z2.1
  • N245 X38.124
  • N250 G01 Z-34.825
  • N255 X44.124
  • N260 G00 X44.324 Z2.1
  • N265 X32.124
  • N270 G01 Z-15.775
  • N275 X32.709
  • N280 G03 X35.325 Z-17.083 R1.308
  • N285 G01 Z-34.825
  • N290 X38.124
  • N295 G00 X38.324 Z2.1
  • N300 X26.124
  • N305 G01 Z-15.775
  • N310 X32.124
  • N315 G00 X32.324 Z2.1
  • N320 X20.124
  • N325 G01 Z-0.134
  • N330 X22.625 Z-1.385
  • N335 Z-15.775
  • N340 X26.124
  • N345 G00 X45.6
  • N350 Z2.1
  • N355 X101.6 Z20.4
  • N360 T02000
  • N365 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N370 G95 G80 G40
  • N380 G54
  • N390 M6 T02000
  • N395 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N400 M5
  • N405 M62
  • N410 T02002
  • N415 G50 S1500
  • N420 G96 S325 M3
  • N425 M08
  • N430 M100
  • N435 G00 X101.6 Z20.4
  • N440 X17.13 Z1.297
  • N445 G01 X19.959 Z-0.117 F0.1
  • N450 X22.225 Z-1.25
  • N455 Z-15.875
  • N460 X33.109
  • N465 G03 X34.925 Z-16.783 R0.908
  • N470 G01 Z-34.925
  • N475 X43.69
  • N480 X47.69
  • N485 G00 X47.89 Z-34.888
  • N490 X101.6 Z20.4
  • N495 M105
  • N500 T03000
  • N505 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N510 G94 G80 G40
  • N520 G54
  • N530 M6 T03000
  • N535 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N540 M5
  • N545 M61
  • N550 M35
  • N555 T03003
  • N560 G97 S2000 M33
  • N565 M08
  • N570 (INDEX PLANE MC0B0)
  • N575 G54
  • N580 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z20.4 C0.0 B0.0
  • N585 (INDEX PLANE MC90B0)
  • N590 G54
  • N595 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z20.4 C90.0 B0.0
  • N600 Y25.554 Z-0.638
  • N605 X15.875
  • N610 G01 Y15.554 F175.0
  • N615 Y-15.554
  • N620 Y-25.554
  • N625 Z-10.638
  • N630 Y-15.554
  • N635 Y15.554
  • N640 Y25.554
  • N645 G00 X60.0
  • N650 Y0.0
  • N655 (INDEX PLANE MC90B30)
  • N660 G54
  • N665 G368 X0 Z0 D0 B-60.0
  • N670 G00 X17.215 Y0.0 Z19.692 C90.0 B-60.0
  • N675 Z30.0
  • N680 X9.001 Y25.554
  • N685 Z0.0
  • N690 G01 Y15.554
  • N695 Y-15.554
  • N700 Y-25.554
  • N705 G00 Z30.0
  • N710 Y0.0
  • N715 G369
  • N720 (INDEX PLANE MC270B0)
  • N725 G54
  • N730 G00 X9.001 Y0.0 Z30.0 C270.0 B0.0
  • N735 X60.0
  • N740 Y25.554 Z-1.128
  • N745 X15.875
  • N750 G01 Y15.554
  • N755 Y-15.554
  • N760 Y-25.554
  • N765 Z-11.128
  • N770 Y-15.554
  • N775 Y15.554
  • N780 Y25.554
  • N785 G00 X60.0
  • N790 Y0.0
  • N795 (INDEX PLANE MC270B30)
  • N800 G54
  • N805 G368 X0 Z0 D0 B-60.0
  • N810 G00 X17.215 Y0.0 Z19.692 C270.0 B-60.0
  • N815 Z30.0
  • N820 X9.001 Y25.554
  • N825 Z0.0
  • N830 G01 Y15.554
  • N835 Y-15.554
  • N840 Y-25.554
  • N845 G00 Z30.0
  • N850 Y0.0
  • N855 G369
  • N860 (INDEX PLANE MC0B0)
  • N865 G54
  • N870 G00 X9.001 Y0.0 Z30.0 C0.0 B0.0
  • N875 X101.6 Z20.4
  • N880 T04000
  • N885 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N890 G94 G80 G40
  • N900 G54
  • N910 M6 T04000
  • N915 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N920 M5
  • N925 M61
  • N930 M35
  • N935 T04004
  • N940 G97 S3000 M33
  • N945 M08
  • N950 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z20.4 C0.0
  • N955 (INDEX PLANE MC270B0)
  • N960 G54
  • N965 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z20.4 C-270.0 B0.0
  • N970 G87 Y0.0 Z-7.938 X7.429 R19.875 P200 F50.0
  • N975 G80
  • N980 (INDEX PLANE MC90B0)
  • N985 G54
  • N990 G00 X19.875 Y0.0 Z-7.938 C-90.0 B0.0
  • N995 X60.0
  • N1000 G87 X7.429 R19.875
  • N1005 G80
  • N1010 (INDEX PLANE MC90B30)
  • N1015 G54
  • N1020 G368 X0 Z0 D0 B-60.0
  • N1025 G00 X14.515 Y0.0 Z22.03 C-90.0 B-60.0
  • N1030 Z30.0
  • N1035 G83 X0.0 Z-3.683 R2.0
  • N1040 G80
  • N1045 G369
  • N1055 G54
  • N1060 G00 X0.0 Y0.0 Z2.0 C-0.0 B0.0
  • N1065 X60.0
  • N1070 G87 Y-25.4 Z0.0 X23.825 R38.925
  • N1075 G80
  • N1080 (INDEX PLANE MC270B30)
  • N1085 G54
  • N1090 G368 X0 Z0 D0 B-60.0
  • N1095 G00 X38.925 Y-25.4 Z0.0 C-270.0 B-60.0
  • N1100 Z30.0
  • N1105 G83 X0.0 Y0.0 Z-3.683 R1.492
  • N1110 G80
  • N1115 G369
  • N1120 (INDEX PLANE MC0B0)
  • N1125 G54
  • N1130 G00 X0.0 Y0.0 Z1.492 C0.0 B0.0
  • N1135 X101.6 Z20.4
  • N1140 M110
  • N1145 T09000
  • N1150 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N1155 G95 G80 G40
  • N1160 (MAIN SPINDLE)
  • N1165 G54
  • N1175 M6 T09000
  • N1180 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N1185 M5
  • N1190 M62
  • N1195 T09009
  • N1200 G50 S1500
  • N1205 G96 S175 M3
  • N1210 M08
  • N1215 G00 X-0.4 Z-80.6
  • N1220 M115
  • N1225 G00 X19.646 Z1.8
  • N1230 G01 Z1.587 F0.1
  • N1235 G00 Z-1.8
  • N1240 X15.682
  • N1245 G01 Z1.587
  • N1250 G00 Z-1.8
  • N1255 X11.718
  • N1260 G01 Z1.587
  • N1265 G00 Z-1.8
  • N1270 X7.755
  • N1275 G01 Z1.587
  • N1280 G00 Z-1.8
  • N1285 X3.791
  • N1290 G01 Z1.587
  • N1295 G00 Z-1.8
  • N1300 G00 X-0.4 Z80.6
  • N1305 M120 (WAIT)
  • N1310 M125 (WAIT)
  • N1315 T06000
  • N1320 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N1325 G94 G80 G40
  • N1330 (MAIN SPINDLE)
  • N1335 G54
  • N1345 M6 T06000
  • N1350 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N1355 M5
  • N1360 M61
  • N1365 M35
  • N1370 T06006
  • N1375 G97 S2500 M33
  • N1380 M08
  • N1385 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z20.4 C0.0
  • N1390 (INDEX PLANE MC90B30)
  • N1395 G54
  • N1400 G368 X0 Z0 D0 B-60.0
  • N1405 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z20.4 C90.0 B-60.0
  • N1410 Z10.0
  • N1415 G83 X0.0 Y0.0 Z-3.81 R1.492 F175.0
  • N1420 G80
  • N1425 G369
  • N1430 (INDEX PLANE MC270B30)
  • N1435 G54
  • N1440 G368 X0 Z0 D0 B-60.0
  • N1445 G00 X0.0 Y0.0 Z1.492 C270.0 B-60.0
  • N1450 Z10.0
  • N1455 G83 X0.0 Y0.0 Z-3.81 R1.492
  • N1460 G80
  • N1465 G369
  • N1470 (INDEX PLANE MC0B0)
  • N1475 G54
  • N1480 G00 X0.0 Y0.0 Z1.492 C0.0 B0.0
  • N1485 X101.6 Z20.4
  • N1490 T07000
  • N1495 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N1500 G94 G80 G40
  • N1505 (MAIN SPINDLE)
  • N1510 G54
  • N1520 M6 T07000
  • N1525 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N1530 M5
  • N1535 M61
  • N1540 M35
  • N1545 T07007
  • N1550 G97 S3000 M33
  • N1555 M08
  • N1560 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z20.4 C0.0
  • N1570 G54
  • N1575 G00 X33.42 Y-25.4 Z0.0 C0.0 B0.0
  • N1580 G87 Y-25.4 Z0.0 X-5.474 R37.42 F300.0
  • N1585 G80
  • N1590 (INDEX PLANE MC0B0)
  • N1595 G54
  • N1600 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z20.4 C0.0 B0.0
  • N1605 T05000
  • N1610 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N1615 G94 G80 G40
  • N1620 (MAIN SPINDLE)
  • N1625 G54
  • N1635 M6 T05000
  • N1640 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N1645 M5
  • N1650 M61
  • N1655 M35
  • N1660 T05005
  • N1665 G97 S2750 M33
  • N1670 M08
  • N1675 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z20.4 C0.0
  • N1680 (INDEX PLANE MC90B0)
  • N1685 G54
  • N1690 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z20.4 C90.0 B0.0
  • N1695 G87 Y0.0 Z-7.938 X-19.367 R19.367 F275.0
  • N1700 G80
  • N1705 (INDEX PLANE MC0B0)
  • N1710 G54
  • N1715 G00 X19.367 Y0.0 Z-7.938 C-0.0 B0.0
  • N1720 X101.6 Z20.4
  • N1725 M130 (WAIT)
  • N1730 M135
  • N1735 M09
  • N1740 G28 U0 V0 W0 M35
  • N1745 M01
  • N1750 M30
  • %
  • %
  • O2888
  • N100 T08000
  • N105 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N110 G95 G80 G40
  • N115 (SUB SPINDLE)
  • N120 G55
  • N130 M6 T08000
  • N135 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N140 M105
  • N145 M162
  • N150 T08008
  • N155 G50 S1500
  • N160 G96 S350 M103
  • N165 M08
  • N170 M100
  • N175 G00 X100.8 Z-19.2
  • N180 X49.0 Z-3.0
  • N185 Z0.635
  • N190 G01 X31.214 F0.1
  • N195 G02 X31.176 Z0.532 R16.275
  • N200 X29.891 Z0.0 R0.654
  • N205 G01 X-1.3
  • N210 Z-1.0
  • N215 G00 Z-3.0
  • N220 X100.8 Z-19.2
  • N225 M105
  • N230 M110 (WAIT)
  • N235 T11000
  • N240 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N245 M212
  • N250 G94 G80 G40
  • N260 G54
  • N270 M6 T11000
  • N275 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N280 M5
  • N285 M61
  • N290 M35
  • N295 T11011
  • N300 G97 S3000 M33
  • N305 M08
  • N310 (INDEX PLANE MC0B0)
  • N315 G54
  • N320 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z80.4 C0.0
  • N330 G55
  • N335 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z-19.6 C0.0
  • N340 Z-20.0
  • N345 G83 X0.0 Y0.0 Z3.683 R-0.413 P200 F50.0
  • N350 G80
  • N355 G00 X101.6 Z-19.6
  • N360 (INDEX PLANE MC0B0)
  • N365 G54
  • N370 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z80.4 C0.0
  • N375 C0.0
  • N380 M115 (WAIT)
  • N385 M120 (WAIT)
  • N390 T10000
  • N395 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N400 G94 G80 G40
  • N410 G54
  • N420 M6 T10000
  • N425 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N430 M5
  • N435 M61
  • N440 M35
  • N445 T10010
  • N450 G97 S3500 M33
  • N455 M08
  • N460 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z80.4 C0.0
  • N470 G55
  • N475 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z-19.6 C0.0
  • N480 G83 X0.0 Y0.0 Z12.346 R0.096 F175.0
  • N485 G80
  • N490 G00 X101.6 Z-19.6
  • N495 (INDEX PLANE MC0B0)
  • N500 G54
  • N505 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z80.4 C0.0
  • N510 M125 (WAIT)
  • N515 M130 (WAIT)
  • N520 T12000
  • N525 G28 U0 V0 W0
  • N530 G94 G80 G40
  • N540 G54
  • N550 M6 T12000
  • N555 G28 U0 W0 V0
  • N560 M5
  • N565 M61
  • N570 M35
  • N575 T12012
  • N580 G97 S2000 M33
  • N585 M08
  • N590 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z80.4 C0.0
  • N600 G55
  • N605 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z-19.6 C0.0
  • N610 X75.19 C34.33
  • N615 Z7.35
  • N620 G22 X53.434 C-18.701 F175.0
  • N625 G22 X49.773 C-11.871 R5.0
  • N630 G22 X61.358 C-1.838
  • N635 G22 X61.398 C8.128 R10.0
  • N640 G22 X44.828 C22.478
  • N645 G22 X27.543 C27.475 R10.0
  • N650 G22 X-27.525
  • N655 G22 X-44.811 C22.493 R10.0
  • N660 G22 X-61.358 C8.162
  • N665 G22 C-1.838 R10.0
  • N670 G22 X-33.827 C-25.681
  • N675 G22 X-16.534 C-30.663 R10.0
  • N680 G22 X16.527
  • N685 G22 X33.829 C-25.679 R10.0
  • N690 G22 X49.773 C-11.871
  • N695 G22 X63.434 C-10.041 R5.0
  • N700 G22 X72.094 C-12.541
  • N705 G13.1
  • N710 G00 Z-10.0
  • N715 X101.6 Z-19.6 C-0.0
  • N720 (INDEX PLANE MC0B0)
  • N725 G54
  • N730 G00 X101.6 Y0.0 Z80.4 C-0.0
  • N735 M135
  • N740 M09
  • N745 G28 U0 V0 W0 M135
  • N750 M01
  • N755 M30
  • %

Code Generators are most often created using an existing SmartCAM library code generators as a template. Naturally - as with any software that is new to you - there is a learning curve before you can fully understand the tools and how to apply them. If you prefer to concentrate on producing parts then a chargeable code‑generation consultancy service is available.

The SmartCAM Customization ToolKit

Customize, extend and automate SmartCAM for yourself.

Referred to as The SmartCAM CTK by the SmartCAM community.

SmartCAM is effectively greater than the sum of its parts. It's kind of difficult to convey, but we'll try to explain.

SmartCAM is designed and created by engineers for engineers: we know a lot about CNC machines, CNC Machining and CNC Code. The tools in SmartCAM are comprehensive and flexible.

The SmartCAM community rates the fact that if you were to hit an apparent limitation then there is usually a technique that can be used in SmartCAM to deliver exactly what it is that is required. We know that SmartCAM users would not have it any other way.

That does not mean that SmartCAM delivers functionality for every specific and uniquely detailed application of CAM for every applications case for every CAM engineer in every CNC manufacturing facility anywhere in the world. We wouldn't dare claim to do that, and no credible supplier of CAM software can guarantee to do so.

But the SmartCAM Customization Kit is another of our open set of tools delivered with every SmartCAM license that can be used to, well, customize your use of SmartCAM.

A manufacturer of volume parts used in the hydraulic and pneumatic industries, for example, would benefit from parameterized family of part programming that could be created using the SmartCAM CTK. Customization can flawlessly produce Toolpath, CNC code and other outputs time and time again. In fact we know that customers who have created such customization seldom bother to check graphical Toolpaths or code. It works, every time.

A further example scenario for application of the SmartCAM CTK is in automating small‑ or large‑scale tasks that are specific to your CNC manufacturing procedures, machines and personnel when necessary. Your setup and work practices may, for example, require you to frequently apply tasks or sequences of tasks that are not in the box of any CAM system.

The SmartCAM Customization Toolkit

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