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SmartCAM V12.0, 12.1 & 12.5 Introductions

Following are highlights of significant improvments found in the three SmartCAM version 12 releases. For a complete list of all changes found in SmartCAM, please see the "What's New" document delivered with your SmartCAM release or contact the SmartCAMcnc Sales Group.

SmartCAM V12.5 Major Highlights

Enhanced Layers & Groups - SmartCAM now supports up to 10000 Layers and 64 Groups. Layers and Groups can be given descriptive names up to 32 characters long. This brings more flexibility in organizing and managing SmartCAM data.

Open GL Dynamic Rendering - This new feature allows customers with ACIS®-based SmartCAM applications to rotate, zoom and pan the display of a fully-rendered design model with toolpath and wireframe design elements. Additionally, the user now has the choice to update the main SmartCAM interface window with the new Render window viewing orientation.

Updated Export Data Translation - The DXF/DWG/IGES export functionality of the CAM Connection™ data translator has been updated to support current file formats.

Hole-making Improvements - Automatically apply hole-making processes to commonly sized or located model features from either wireframe and solid model geometry. This improvement eliminates tedious manual selection of holes. Users can easily group holes of a specific size and process them together.

Create - From Solid - Boundary - New arc extraction functionality improves the resulting surface boundary extraction.

Create - From Solid - Slice - Single open surfaces which are not part of a solid may be sliced. New arc extraction functionality improves the slice result by fitting arcs and lines to the profile wherever possible.

Create - User Element - Obround - Has been added to Milling, Turning, and Wire products. The obround panel allows a slot feature to be easily defined in a single command.

Element Names in Listview - Named elements are now displayed in the list view by name rather than type.

SmartCAM V12.1 Major Highlights

Transform Move Function - Enhanced to allow the toolpath clear value to automatically follow repositioned toolpath elements. Also, a new "To Zero" option automates positioning from a reference point to the Origin..

Enhanced Dynamic Nesting Capability - Dynamic Nest allows users to move individual parts or the active group for best fit in the nested file. This functionality also provides discreet movement of parts for non-nesting requirements, a highly requested enhancement to SmartCAM..

Group Direction Panel - New Order Path functionality has been added to allow user to set the direction of closed profiles to either CW or CCW; and can have alternating directions for nested profiles.

Process - Mill Rough - New Cleanup Pass Before/After option has been added to allow the cleanup boundary and island passes to occur either before or after the roughing pattern. Also the Face Process now only performs the cleanup around the islands.

Process - Mill Rough - Improved roughing pattern cut direction control. The linear pattern now uses the Climb switch setting and the Overlap Passes behavior has been changed to result in a more consistent cut direction.

Process - Turn Rough - Two new options: "Equalize By" allows equalization of Linear rough passes providing better control to prevent shallow cuts; "Use Retract Point " allows the retract position after each pass to be optionally excluded in order to reduce program length.

User Elements - Rectangle - Rectangles can now be defined using just two points or using one point and the length, width, and angle.

SmartCAM V12.0 Major Highlights

Updated CAM Connection - Updated CAM Connection.

New Surface Machining Module (SMM) - The core surfacing component to SmartCAM FreeForm Machining, providing the foundation of future enhancements such as slicing, pencil milling and surface avoidance.

Dynamic Nesting - Added for moving, rotating or flipping of parts on a sheet (often referred to as "nudging" or "jogging".) Dynamic Nest allows user to move parts, or the active group, for best fit in the nest and provides discreet movement of parts for non-nesting requirements.

Added Mapable Hotkeys - Assign macros and functions to the Alt/Ctrl/Shift and Arrow keys.

Predator CNC Editor for SmartCAM - NC editor and DNC software provided to all customers with SmartCAM V12 applications.