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SmartCAM V14 Introduction

SmartCAM V14 represents SmartCAMcnc's most significant release to date, and demonstrates a strong commitment to the modernization of the product family, offering substantial improvements in Solid CAD compatibility, productivity, usability, and visualization.

Mill/Turn operations performed on main and sub spindles in SmartCAM Advanced Turning

Highlights of SmartCAM V14 include

ACIS Solid Modeling Kernel in All SmartCAM Products - Directly read/write solid models via SAT/SAB, or import/export surface and wireframe data via IGES, DXF, and DWG.

OpenGL System Graphics Enhancements - Display rendered solid or surface models in main graphics window, pick surfaces and highlight selections.

Machining from Solids Geometry Tools - Automatically find holes in solid or surface models, extract boundaries or slice profiles as needed for further modeling or toolpath generation.

High-Speed Machining Strategies - Plunge Roughing, True Spiral Pocketing, and Trochoidal Slotting provide faster material removal rates and extended tool life (milling applications).

Concurrent Dynamic Viewing - Rotate, zoom, pan or spin the model in the G-view window at any time, including during ShowPath tool-motion verification.

Also found in V14 releases:

Process Model File Preview - View thumbnail image in File Open dialog, making it easy to locate and identify models.

Pop-up Tool Tips - Mouse roll-over text displaying Step and Layer descriptions, icon/menu tool functions and more.

Invert Display Visibility - Hidden elements can now be selectively displayed/redisplayed.

Copy Image - Graphic model and toolpath images can be quickly copied and pasted into setup sheets or other documentation.