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SmartCAM V16: Miscellaneous Improvements

There are many other enhancements made to SmartCAM v16. (For a complete list of all the many enhancements and improvements made in version 16, please see your Help - What's New file, or contact SmartCAMcnc to talk with a customer representative. Click here for contact information.)

ACIS Kernel Upgrade - New in V16.5

SmartCAM v16.0 has been upgraded to the ACIS R20.0 (SP1) solid modeling kernel. This upgrade ensures compatibility with solid models created by the current CAD systems.

Profile Process Comp-Off commands - New in V16.5

This option inserts a tool radius compensation off user command before the last lead out element.

New macro commands - New in V16.5

New macro commands for Hide/Show Step/Layer, and Surface Tangent/Adjacent Picking.

Check for Updates - New in V16.0

A handy "Check for Updates" feature is available form the SmartCAM v16.0 application Help menu. It will check for any new updates for your product and, if available, will give you the opportunity to download the update. This feature requires an active Internet connection.

Macro System Improvements - New in V16.0

Several new and very helpful macros are found in SmartCAM v16.0, including:

  • DATE() which returns the current system date,
  • SYSTIME() which returns the current system time, and
  • TYP() which returns a new Type code for HOLE geometry. Instead of returning 1 (which is shared with Point) it now returns "54".

Code Generator, New Numerical Format Type - New in V16.0

Another customer requested enhancement is the addition of a new format type for Code Generators. Formats, for example D3.4, are used to control the output of numbers to format them to match what your control is expecting. The format letter is "Z".

The "Z" or "Zero" format type suspends the output of extraneous leading or trailing zeros. It is very useful when your control has limited memory and every character counts.

Using the format Z3.4 you will get the following formatted numbers:

  • 1.0 becomes 1.
  • 0.0 becomes 0.
  • -0.0 becomes 0.
  • 0.123 becomes .123
  • 1.1234 remains 1.1234

For more information on the new numerical format for code generators, see the Learning SmartCAM, Code Generators tutorial.