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SmartCAM V16: Usability Improvements

SmartCAM V16.0 and V16.5 include many customer-requested enhancements that provide better and easier use of SmartCAM.

Layer and Step List Pop-up Menus - New in V16.5

Two new mouse menus have been added to SmartCAM. Accessed by pressing the right mouse button, while the cursor is over a Step or Layer in the list view, the Layer or Step pop-up menus offer several useful Layer or Step-based tools.

The menus allow you to add or edit layers and steps, duplicate steps, mask and unmask steps or layers, hide or show geometry assigned to the given step or layer, and set the Insert position based on the selected step or layer.

Right Mouse clicking on the Layer or Step in List View provides access to the respective popup menus.
Right Mouse clicking on the Layer or Step in List View provides access to the respective pop-up menus.


Show/Hide Element pop-up menu - New in V16.5

Elements can now be hidden or displayed by right-clicking on the geometry, in either the List or Graphic Views, and selecting the Hide or Show/Hide element menu option.

Show/Hide pop-up menu.
Show/Hide pop-up menu.


Analytic Surfaces Diameter/Radius Display - New in V16.5

The Element Data content for analytic surfaces has been updated to display:

  • for spheres and hemispheres, the diameter
  • for cylinders, the diameter
  • for cones that come to a point, the major diameters
  • for trimmed cones, the major and minor diameters
  • for torus, the major diameter and section radius
Analytic Surfaces Diameter/Radius Display.
Analytic Surfaces Diameter/Radius Display.

Dynamic Height for List View Window - New in V16.5

The Measure function now calculates and displays the planar angle between the two selected points.

Measure Angle Between Points - New in V16.5

When a toolbox contains just a few menu items, the list view height increases to allow more items to be displayed.

Set Insert Position using Pop-up Menu - New in V16.0

Three new options were added to the popular Element pop-up menu: Insert Before, Insert After, and Match Properties. These set the insert position before or after the element that was selected when the menu was opened. The Match Properties option shows the current status (on or off) and updates the Insert Bar properties.

Set Insert Position Pop-up Menu.
Set Insert Position Pop-up Menu.


Start-up Template File - New in V16.0

You can assign any process model file to be used as a "Template," which will be read on start-up and when File - New is used to start a new process model.

The Template will pre-assign your new process model with the saved setting of the template, making it very easy to establish default group names, work planes, layers, operations, tooling, and geometry and more.