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SmartCAM V16: Verification Improvements

SmartCAM V16.0 and V16.5 includes many customer-requested enhancements that provide better and easier toolpath model verification.


ShowPath Improvements

ShowPath Draw Rapids Option - New in V16.0

ShowPath now includes a new "Draw Rapids" option that when enabled draws rapid lines in ShowPath (tool motion) verification. Often when the toolpath contains many rapids, turning off their display makes for easier viewing of the cutting toolpath.

ShowPath Speed Adjustment - New in V16.0

A new setting is provided to allow the user to set the incremental speed settings in ShowPath that speed up and slow down the tool motion verification.

ShowPath, Transparency on 3D Solid Tools - New in V16.0

The tool transparency of 3D solid shaded tools in ShowPath (or Code) is now controlled with a new Display Modes option for percentage of opacity.

Transparency on ShowPath 3D Solid Tools.
Transparency on ShowPath 3D Solid Tools.

ShowPath, Show Rapiding Tool - New in V16.0

When running ShowPath in Animate mode with wireframe tool display, the tool and holder will draw in the dotted line style when the tool is rapiding, providing additional visual information regarding the current tool motion.

ShowPath, Graphics Performance Option for Remote Desktop - New in V16.0

When running Remote Desktop (remote control of a computer across an internet or LAN connection) graphics performance can often suffer. The OpenGL double-buffering option often improves performance when ShowPath is run on the remote terminal.

ShowPath Sheet Color - New in V16.5

New INI setting sets the color of the ShowPath sheet. (Advanced Fabrication only)


ShowCut Improvements

STL Models for Stock/Fixture/Void Geometry Modeling - New is V16.5

STL models can now be imported as a faceted, solid model and used to represent stock, fixturing or void geometry during verification.

ShowCut, Change the View During Simulation - New in V16.0

The Show Cut simulation can be paused, the view changed, and the simulation continued from the paused point.

ShowCut, Voids in Stock or Fixture - New in V16.0

A new Void Layer input has been added to the ShowCut dialog which works similarly to the Stock or Fixture Layers, except the extruded profiles create a "negative volume" used to cut the stock or fixture to create voids. This allows the easy creation of stock or fixture models with pockets and holes that would otherwise may be difficult to emulate with the standard Stock and Fixture creation process.

Voids in Stock or Fixture.
Voids in Stock or Fixture.

ShowCut, Default Stock, Fixture, Void Layers - New in V16.0

The last specified Stock, Fixture and Void Layers within the current session are retained each time the ShowCut dialog box is opened allowing the stock and fixture to be quickly redisplayed with the Regen button.

Display Tool Holder during ShowCut - New in V16.0

A new "Show Holder" option on the ShowCut panel enables ShowCut to display the tool holder during the simulation.

ShowCut Displaying Tool Holder Collision with Fixture.
ShowCut Displaying Tool Holder Collision with Fixture.