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SmartCAM V18 Introduction

SmartCAM Versions 18.0 and 18.5 deliver new and improved functionality to the SmartCAM turning, mill/turn and milling suites as well as many core usability and customer-requested enhancements to all SmartCAM applications.

Mill/Turn operations performed on main and sub spindles in SmartCAM Advanced Turning
Mill/Turn operations performed on main and sub spindles in SmartCAM Advanced Turning V18.6.

SmartCAM V18 Major Highlights

New and Improved Mill/Turn and Core Turning Functionality - in SmartCAM Advanced Turning™ - Three major features have been added to extend the mill/turn capabilities: Subspindle Support, Live-tool B-Axis Indexing support, and C-Axis Face Indexing support. Additions to the Core Turning functionality found in both Production Turning and Advanced Turning include Canned-Cycle Roughing and Groove-Tool Back Offset support.

Core Milling Improvements - SmartCAM Production Milling™, Advanced Milling™, FreeForm Machining™ and the mill/turn capability found in Advanced Turning - Four new major core milling Improvements have been added: Morph Pattern Roughing, Rest Mill Roughing, Feature-based Holemaking and Helical Milling.

Core Modeling Improvements - in All SmartCAM V18.0 and V18.5 Applications - A number of customer-requested core modeling and toolpath editing improvements have been added, including Machinable System Fonts, Clip-to-Intersection Editing Tool, Geometry Layer Mapping and Filtering Options. Additionally, an ACIS Kernel Update ensures compatibility with solid models created by the current CAD systems.

Usability and Productivity Enhancements - in All SmartCAM V18.0 and V18.5 Applications - Several new usability and productivity enhancements have been made, including many improvements making it easier than ever to define and use Workplanes, improvements to the ShowCut Tool Display, a new Showpath Toolpath Verification option allows the verification to be restricted to only the portion of the model within the viewing window, and new configuration settings allow the tool motion speeds to be customized to better match the user's system capabilities and preferences.