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SmartCAM V19.5 Introduction
Groove Roughing toolpath with cleanup and finshing paths, threading element with end extension and spring passes, and parting process in SmartCAM V19.5
Groove Roughing toolpath with cleanup and finishing paths, threading element with end extension and spring passes, and parting process in SmartCAM V19.5.

SmartCAM Version 19.5 Introduction

SmartCAM Version 19.5 delivers new and improved turning and milling functionality, as well as numerous customer-requested core usability and productivity improvements to all SmartCAM CAM software applications.

Major highlights include:

Turning Improvements in SmartCAM™ Production Turning™ and Advanced Turning™.

Threading - The Thread element user interface has been greatly improved, and now supports Outfeed Angle, End Extension, and Spring Pass settings. Additionally, parameters previously set in the machine file can now be set on the element itself.

Grooving - The Groove Roughing process has been enhanced to include Cleanup Cusps, Finish to Size, and Reverse progression options. Additionally, the Groove element can now be created On Layer as a Groove Feature, which can then be used as input to any Turn Roughing process.

Parting Process - A new Parting Process allows cut-off operations to be defined parametrically without the need to construct additional geometry. The Parting process allows a corner break chamfer or radius to be applied to both the part and bar, and provides options for pecking and controlling a parts catcher.

Milling Improvements in SmartCAM™ Production Milling™, Advanced Milling™, FreeForm Machining™ and the mill/turn capability found in Advanced Turning™.

Part Offset - The Part Offset path type previously introduced in the Region Rough process has been added to the Solid Machine - Planar Rough and Pocket processes, as well as the wireframe Rough - Pocket and Face processes.

Stay Down - The Part Offset roughing path type now supports the Stay-down option, similar to the Spiral path type. When enabled, pinch-off regions are linked into the offset passes in order to eliminate retract and plunge moves into stock.

Transform-Wrap - The Transform - Wrap function has been enhanced to support the wrapping of container elements.

Core Application Improvements in all SmartCAM products.

System Configuration Options - A new Options dialog box allows you to configure many commonly changed SmartCAM options without having to edit external configuration files. The options are grouped into Categories; such as General Options, Performance, Presentation, Color, and Data Translation.

User Interface Improvements - Numerous changes to the user interface provide a more modern look and feel while also making it easier to use. New pull-right toolbox menus provide direct access to frequently used commands, and new right mouse button menus allow the icon bar and insert bar position and visibility to be quickly changed.

CAD Model Destination Plane - It is now possible to establish the default workplane in which to orient an imported CAD model. Additionally, when merging a CAD model it can be optionally placed on the active workplane.

Geometry Text Spacing - A new Spacing parameter has been added to the Geometry Text panel which allows the spacing between letters to be increased or decreased as desired.

Other Improvements - New macro commands and functions extend the customization capabilities of SmartCAM.