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SmartCAM v2014 Introduction
SmartCAM v2014 Features a Redesigned User Interface, New Undo System, Milling, Verification Improvements
SmartCAM v2014 Features a Redesigned User Interface,
New Undo System, Milling, Verification Improvements

SmartCAM v2014 Introduction

SmartCAM v2014 delivers a new and improved user interface designed to improve usability, ease of learning and user efficiency, as well as a variety of milling, toolpath verification, and modeling improvements. Major highlights include:

User Interface Improvements in all SmartCAM™ products.

New Multiple Undo / Redo System - New Undo/Redo in SmartCAM significantly improves part and toolpath modeling Undo change functionality.

Multiple Toolbar Support - The new toolbar capabilities of SmartCAM v2014 allow users to tailor their preferred CAM environment for the quickest and most efficient access to commonly used functions and commands.

Control Panel Improvements - A New panel Taskbar provides convenient access to recently used task panels and related Help topics, and includes additional options allowing task panels to be minimized or closed.

Visual CTK Panel and Go Button Dimming - Enhancements to the Visual Customization Toolkit enable customizers and developers to include task panel dimming behavior that is consistent with core task panels.

Floating or Docked List View - New list view pop-up menu allows list view to be configured to float in a separate, resizable window, and the width to be specified when docked.

Insert Bar Improvements - New vertical Insert Bar orientation option reduces mouse movement by allowing the insert bar to be placed close to the list view.

Process Menu Reconfiguration - Process Planner Job Operation Setup (JOS) functionality and ShowPath and ShowCut verification capabilities have been moved to the Process menu to improve toolpath generation workflow.

Options Dialog Updates - The v2014 Options Utility benefits from additional SmartCAM customization capability features.

Tool Tip Display Improvements - Separate tooltip display times for list items allow step, tool and layer descriptions to be displayed more quickly than tooltips for icons and other user interface items.

User Interface Style Improvements - Updated user interface style provides a cleaner, more modern presentation that makes the product more appealing and easier to use.

Milling Improvements in SmartCAM™ Production Milling™, Advanced Milling™, FreeForm Machining™ and the mill/turn capability found in Advanced Turning™.

Efficient Face Milling Toolpath with Gap Closure and Arc Connections
Efficient Face Milling Toolpath with Gap Closure and Arc Connections

Rest Mill Region Output from Roughing Processes - New roughing process option simplifies re-machining by automatically creating rest mill regions that can be cut using a smaller tool.

Create Rest Mill Regions from Region Elements - The Rest Mill region creation tool can now create rest mill regions from other regions elements. This capability simplifies rest mill region generation when multiple size clean-up tools are required.

Face Mill and Region Rough Process Improvements - Improved Face Milling pass generation results in fewer cuts and reduced cycle times. New gap closure and arc connection options help to ensure a continuous and efficient toolpath suitable for high speed machining techniques.

Wireframe Profile Process Improvements - The SmartCAM Wireframe Process can now be used to generate profile toolpath for selected groups of profile geometry in addition to whole or partial profile geometry.

Surface Projection Edge Roll Option - New Roll Around Edges option in Projected process helps to eliminate gaps in resulting toolpath.

Toolpath Verification Improvements in SmartCAM™ Production Milling™, Advanced Milling™, FreeForm Machining™, Production Turning™, and Advanced Turning™.

ShowCut Holder Collision Checking in Milling and Turning
ShowCut Holder Collision Checking in Milling and Turning

Improved Turning Holder Support - New Turning Toolholder display enhances toolpath simulation and error-checking.

ShowCut Tool Holder Collision Checking - A new ShowCut function to check holder collisions with stock or fixture models greatly improves toolpath error detection and elimination in SmartCAM Milling and Turning applications.

ShowCut Collision Reporting During Verification - ShowCut Collision Reporting significantly improves toolpath prove-out and quality by identifying tool rapid-move and tool & holder collisions with stock and fixtures.

Milling CTG Containing Holder Only - SmartCAM Custom Tool Graphics model files for milling toolholders can now contain the toolholder only, positioned using the tool or preset length of standard parametric tooling.

Global Holder Color Independent of Step Color - A new option for setting the color of the holder displayed in ShowPath and ShowCut enables user-preferred colors to improve toolpath simulation

Modeling Improvements in all SmartCAM™ products.

Geometry Boolean Modeling Operations
Geometry Boolean Modeling Operations

2D Profile Geometry Boolean Unite / Subtract / Intersect - A new boolean wireframe layer geometry and toolpath modeling tool can be used to unite, subtract or intersect sets of closed profile boundaries.

Geometry Profile Functionality Redesign - The Geometry Profile modeling tool interface has been redesigned for improved ease of use and productivity.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Increased Number of Subroutines - An unlimited number subroutine definitions can now be used within SmartCAM v2014 Milling applications, Advanced Fabrication and Advanced Wire EDM model files.

Updated CAD Data Translation - SmartCAM data translation has been updated to support more recent versions of CAD model files, including Autodesk® Inventor® 2014, SOLIDWORKS® 2013, and Autodesk® 2013 DWG/DXF.