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SmartCAM v2014 Highlight Videos

SmartCAM v2014 User Interface Improvements

SmartCAM v2014 introduces significant user interface updates that give the product a fresh new look while also making it easier to learn and use. This video playlist covers the new Undo system, new support of mutliple toolbars, improvements to Conrol Panel, floating/dockable List View display and improvements to the Insert Bar. (9 minutes total).

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SmartCAM v2014 Rest Milling Improvements

Two significant Rest Milling improvements are found in SmartCAM v2014 Milling applications: Rest Mill Region Output from Roughing Processes, and Rest Mill Region Creation from Region Elements. The new Rest Mill Region Output from Roughing Processes option simplifies re-machining by automatically creating rest mill regions that can be cut using a smaller tool. And the new Rest Mill Region Creation from Region Elements allows Rest Mill regions to be created from regions in addition to standard arc/line profiles. This capability is useful for cases where more than one cleanup tool is required to transition from the initial large roughing tool to the final small finishing tool. Rest mill regions created for one cleanup tool can be used to create the rest region for the next (smaller) cleanup tool.


Watch the "SmartCAM v2014 Rest Milling Improvements" Video (3 minutes)