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SmartCAM v2015 Introduction
Toolpath and Connection Smoothing using new High-speed Machining Roughing Process
Toolpath and Connection Smoothing using new High-speed Machining Roughing Process

SmartCAM v2015 Introduction

SmartCAM v2015 delivers a new knowledge-based machining (KBM) repository, new high-speed milling (HSM) strategies, and many user interface and core application improvements. Major highlights include:

HSM Milling Toolpath Improvements in all SmartCAM™ Milling applications.

Morph Profile Side Passes - A new method for generating continuously-morphing toolpath using the wireframe profile process delivers increased options, especially when using HSM techniques.

Ramp Wireframe Profile Depth Passes - A new method for generating continuously Z-depth ramping toolpath in the wireframe profile process complements the new morphing method, further expanding the available toolpath options.

Profile Process Toolpath Smoothing - A new smoothing option for the solid- and wireframe-based profiling toolpath processes can be used to eliminate all sharp corners in the toolpath, providing a further option for the generation of HSM toolpaths using SmartCAM.

Roughing Process Toolpath and Connection Smoothing - New Toolpath Smoothing and Connection Smoothing options can be used to generate improved HSM toolpaths in all roughing processes that support the Part Offset path type.

Actual Rest Region calculation complements Theoretical Regions - A new ‘Actual’ Rest Mill Region calculation method for the wireframe Roughing Process can be used to find all material left behind by the roughing tool, including islands created due to applying too large a cutter overlap.

Knowledge Based Machining Library in all SmartCAM™ products.

Save and Load Process Parameters - A new Knowledge Based Machining (KBM) library allows best-practice, commonly-used toolpath process parameters to be stored, and later recalled for re-use. This feature helps ensure greater process consistency and accuracy.

Save and Choose Machine in Job Info - New Machine definition simplifies job setup by allowing machine configurations to be saved and reloaded by simply selecting a Machine Name from a list.

Save and Choose Material in Job Info - New Materials can now be added directly from the SmartCAM application, without the need to use the Material librarian utility.

Populate Material with Operation Parameters - It is now possible to update and refine existing operation parameters stored in the active material simply by using the Populate function.

User Interface and Usability Improvements in all SmartCAM™ products.

Group Toolbar - A new Group Toolbar replaces the previous Group Palette, and benefits from the same controls available for the other toolbars in the SmartCAM user interface.

Input Field Pick Lists - New ‘Input Field Pick Lists’ streamline the user interface by enabling more local access to inputs for relevant fields with significantly reduced mouse movement.

Control Panel Position - Control Panels can now be docked in any corner of the Graphics View, enabling more user-control of interface preferences.

Floating Insert Bar - A Float option for the Insert Bar, one of the primary user interface components for SmartCAM users, allows the Insert Bar to be located at any preferred position on the desktop.

Help and Close Buttons on Dialog Boxes - Help and Close buttons added to Dialog Boxes delivers improved conformity with other Windows applications.

Help Button on Error/Warning Message Boxes - A new Help Button on Error and Warning Message Boxes provides more direct access to further detail about the error or warning than previously.

Dialog Positions Reset - A new Dialog Positions utility command makes it easier for users to reset the appearance position of Dialog windows back to default.

Toolbar Scroll Button - Previously truncated, a new Toolbar Scroll Button is used to display icons on a toolbar that do not appear because of the current screen size or layout.

Miscellaneous Improvements in all SmartCAM™ products.

Auto Save - A new auto-save feature automatically saves work-in-progress.

ACIS Kernel Updated - An update to the latest release of the ACIS Modeler, R25, ensures that the most up to date resources are available for SmartCAM solid model functions.

Updated CAD Data Translation - Autodesk® Inventor® 2015 native model files are now supported.

Prompt to Remove Unavailable Files From Most Recently Used Lists - Selection of an unavailable file from the most recently used File or Macro lists now prompts whether the file should be removed, allowing the user to clean up the list when files are permanently unavailable.

Wall Offset Sequence behavior - A modification in offset sequence behavior provides consistency between profile and group Wall Offsets.