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SmartCAM v2016 Introduction
The Process Model content is displayed in a new expandable / collapsible tree structure using one of a set of pre-defined views
The Process Model content is displayed in a new expandable / collapsible tree structure using one of a set of pre-defined views

SmartCAM v2016 Introduction

SmartCAM v2016 delivers an updated Knowledge-Based Machining (KBM) Library, important user interface improvements and enhancements to the milling family of products. Major highlights include:

Knowledge Based Machining (KBM) Library in all SmartCAM™ products.

Adding Tools and Steps to the Job Operations Setup - The methods of Adding Tools and Steps have been streamlined and also now access the integrated KBM Library

Load Multiple / Grouped Tools and Steps - A revised user interface enables SmartCAM programmers to easily add multiple tools or multiple steps to the Job Operations Setup using a single action

Update current Job Operations Setup items with changed KBM Library data - The current Job Operations Setup can be updated with changes made to KBM Library content

The KBM Library is managed by the user - KBM Library content is under absolute control of the user with a new Manage Library utility

Positioning the KBM within SmartCAM - SmartCAM KBM Library functions have been considerably extended. We try to help position its use within SmartCAM for those that have yet to experience our CAM software.

User Interface Improvements in all SmartCAM™ products.

The SmartCAM List View has a new look - The SmartCAM List View has been extensively enhanced, and can now display the Process Model content in an expandable / collapsible tree structure, displayed in one of a set of pre-defined List View formats

Select Holes as Profile - A new Group Selection method enables a sequence of Holes / Hole Features to be selected as if a Profile

'Go To Insert' added to Right Mouse Button Menus - The List View can be updated to display the current Insert Position by using a new menu option when right-clicking on an item in the list

More Colors and improved access to Color settings - The Color Palette has been extended and easier access to Color settings added to some User Interface components

Memo / Note Text boxes Improved - Input and Editing of Text / Memo / Note input field functionality has been improved

Milling Improvements in all SmartCAM™ Milling applications.

Islands are now supported in the wireframe Group Pocket Process - The Wireframe Group Pocket process can now be used to generate toolpath for multiple pocket / island group input combinations, including nested pockets and islands

Part Offset and Morph Path Types now included in Group Pocket - The Group Pocket process now supports Part Offset and Morph path types, including the toolpath and connection smoothing capabilities, enabling the creation of continuously-tangent smooth toolpaths that are suitable for HSM techniques

Improved control over Island Top sequencing - New options to control the Island / Shelf Top machining sequence have been added to the wireframe Pocket, Group Pocket and Face Processes

Additional Toolpath options for Shelf Top Machining - Additional Shelf-Top Toolpath options have been made available for the wireframe Pocket and Group Pocket Processes

Miscellaneous Improvements in all SmartCAM™ products.

Rendered Model data can now be Viewed in Section - A new View Section command enables elements that are ‘hidden’ behind rendered model data to be revealed and so far more easily viewed and selected

New Customization functions requested by popular demand - A number of new macro commands and functions – some added by popular request from customers - benefit SmartCAM users who apply the SmartCAM customization tools

The number of Workplanes supported has been increased - The number of workplanes that can be defined in SmartCAM has been increased from 1024 to 30,000

A more convenient method of formatting specific Code Generation Variables - The output format for specified variables in the Code Generator template files can now be set globally rather than having to format the variable upon each output

SmartCAM has been updated to use ACIS 2016. - This change also updates several of the CAD file formats supported by the SmartCAM data translation tools

The Learning SmartCAM documentation website has been updated - The Learning SmartCAM website has been updated and redesigned for ease of use and learnability