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SmartCAM v2017 Introduction


SmartCAM Version 2017 Release Highlights (no audio)

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SmartCAM v2017 Introduction

The first deliverable product to arrive since our partnering with ModuleWorks, SmartCAM® v2017 includes a new toolpath and material removal Verification system, a new Rotary Axis Positioning engine "under the hood", Code Generator toolkit improvements and new features, extensive CNC code output improvements including updated functions to support Rotary Axis Positioning, Milling Process improvements and some great enhancements to the SmartCAM User Interface. Existing SmartCAM users will even find one or two of our miscellaneous improvements to be of interest. Major highlights include:

New Verification Engine in all SmartCAM products

Change View during material removal verification
Change View during material removal verification

Dynamic Viewing - The model view can be zoomed, rotated and otherwise manipulated during Toolpath verification using the SmartCAM Dynamic View controls.

Streamlined User Interface - A new and simplified Verification user Interface provides a compact and flexible interface.

Verification within the SmartCAM Graphics Window - All Toolpath Verification is now displayed within the SmartCAM Graphics Window.

Batch-Processing - The range selected for verification can be batch-processed, delivering rapid results without toolpath or material removal simulation.

Increased controls - New controls can be used to pause Verification after each Element or Move, after each STEP or at the End of the entire model.

Fully revised Collision and Gouge Detection - Collision and Gouge Detection has been fully rewritten for Version 2017.

Store the In-Process Stock Model - The In-Process Stock Model can be stored in STL format at any point during Verification, for use as stock when verifying subsequent processes.

More Display Options - Toolpath, Rapid Moves and End points can optionally be displayed during Verification.

Extended and Enhanced Rotary Axis Support for all SmartCAM products.

New Rotary Axis positioning algorithms and tools
New Rotary Axis positioning algorithms and tools

New Rotary Axis positioning algorithms and tools - SmartCAM benefits from a new rotary axis positioning engine.

New terminology reflects the increased range of supported rotary axis configurations - New terminology has been implemented for SmartCAM Rotary Axis.

Travel Limits incorporated into the Code Generator Machine Define file (smf) - Travel Limits now set when Defining a Machine, no longer dependent upon Template logic.

Enhanced Code Generator tools further support new rotary axis capabilities - The SmartCAM Code generation system has been enhanced to further support rotary axis code output.

Enhancements to the Code Generation Tools for all SmartCAM products.

Machine Define gets a minor facelift
Machine Define gets a minor facelift

Code Generation mechanism changes of interest - A number of Code Generation mechanism changes are of technical interest to SmartCAM Code Generator toolkit users.

Milling Improvements in all SmartCAM Milling products and Advanced Turning.

New Open Profile Region Calculation
New Open Profile Region Calculation

All New Open Profile Region Calculation - The Open Profile Process region calculation has been completely re-written.

Enhanced Open Profile Process Smoothing - High-Speed Toolpath Smoothing options have been added to the Open Profile Process, aligning the Process with functionality of other Roughing Toolpath Processes.

Lead In/Out and Cutter Compensation capability added to the Open Profile Process - Means that the Open Profile Process is now more applicable to semi-finishing and finishing operations.

User Interface Improvements in all SmartCAM products

New Drag-and-Drop functionality in the List View
New Drag-and-Drop functionality in the List View

New Drag-and-Drop functionality in the List View - Drag-and-Drop can be used to resequence geometry and set the Insert position in the SmartCAM List View Tree.

New Job Info button added to the application toolbar - A new Job Info button gives direct access to Job information for the current process model.

KBM Library data display is more user-customizable - The Tool- and Step-related tables and the Process Parameters Dialogs in the KBM Library can be modified according to user preferences.

Move Up/Down Buttons Added to KBM Load Lists - Move Up and Move Down buttons can be used to change the order of items added to the list of selected Tools or Steps.

Solution Trigger Display Option - The dialog solution trigger fields can now be more clearly presented.

Miscellaneous Improvements in all SmartCAM Milling products

Improved Job Data Connections when Merging Process Models - New capability to retain Tool / Step associations when merging existing Process Models.

Solid Hole Secondary Axis Alignment - The From Solid - Hole function has been enhanced by a new Axis Align option.

Reset an Options setting - Option settings changed in the Utility - Options menu can now be individually reset to the as-installed state.

Changes to the Visual Customization Toolkit (VCTK) - Change the order of items in a custom panel.

Updated CAD Data Translation - Optional native CAD file translators have been updated.