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SmartCAM v2018 Core Improvements

A variety of everyday useful core improvements have been added in the SmartCAM® Version 2018 release, including element property matching, KBM usability enhancements, updated data translators and more.

Copy Element Properties from one Element to another

The Toolpath, Layer, Hole/Points, and Hole Features property change dialog now includes a Match Element input. Using the input, you can select an existing element and import its properties into Property Change. This way you can quickly update the Property Change settings to match an existing element and apply those changes to your active group.

This function can be thought of as a 'format painter', enabled in the unique style of the SmartCAM user interface.

A New Tree-view List Style has been Added to the List View

A new tree-view list style has been added to the list view. This view, CAD - Process Plan separates the CAD geometry from the CAM toolpath geometry.

New List View List Style
New List View List Style

New Insert Bar Define/Edit Workplane Menu

A pop-up menu button has been added next to the Workplane input on the Insert Properties panel/bar. The menu now allows quick access to new plane definition or to edit the active plane.

Workplane Define/Edit Menu
Workplane Define/Edit Menu

Custom Tool Graphic Holder Displayed in Add/Edit Step Preview

If a Custom Tool Graphic (CTG) file is associated with a Step, the CTG graphic will be displayed in the Add/Edit Process Step preview window. Clicking in the Preview window will toggle between showing the CTG holder with Tool, and a zoomed preview that show as much of the tool as possible.

Step Preview toggles between tool and tool with holder, and a zoomed preview of only the tool
Step Preview toggles between tool and tool with holder, and a zoomed preview of only the tool

KBM Library Dialogs Now Preview the Tool/Holder

The KBM Library Add Process Step, Add Tool, and Load Library Step/Tool dialog windows have been enhanced to include a tool preview window. The preview window will display the same information as the related preview in the Edit Process Step window.

KBM dialogs include tool & holder preview
KBM dialogs include tool & holder preview

If a Custom Tool Graphic (CTG) file is associated, it will be displayed, and if not the parametrically described tool will be displayed. Clicking on the preview window will toggle between a extents view, showing the entire tool and holder (if one has been assigned), and a zoomed view which shows as much of the tool as possible.

Report Tool Image Format Function

The report format command has been updated to include a zoom factor. This setting is useful when a Custom Tool Graphic (CTG) file is associated with the current Step. If there is no CTG, this setting does not have much effect. However, when a CTG is being used, setting this value to 1 will scale the output bitmap to show both the tool and holder. When set to 0 (or not used), the output bitmap zooms in on the tool as much as possible.

This is similar behavior to clicking on the Planner Preview window to zoom the preview image in and out.

Separate Inch/Metric Paths for CTG and Code Generator SMF/CGT

SmartCAM will now track inch and metric custom tool graphic (CTG) paths, and SMF/CGT machine code generator template files, allowing the user to switch between inch and metric jobs without the need to re-establish path settings. This detail change removes usability issues for our customers who do have the need to work in both Inch and Metric units.

Updated Kernel and Data Translators

SmartCAM SP1 has been updated to ACIS version R2018 1.0.1.

The following data translation updates have been included in the Version 2018 release:

  • Pro-E/Creo: 4.0
  • SAT/SAB: R2018
  • Autodesk Inventor v2018 (found in SmartCAM v2018 SP1
  • Solid Edge ST10 (in SmartCAM v2018 SP1
  • DXF/DWG: v2018 (in SmartCAM v2018 SP1