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SmartCAM v2018 Verification Improvements

The SmartCAM Verification engine released in v2017 has been improved and expanded to all SmartCAM applications.

A variety of improvements have been made to the SmartCAM verification engine, which has been expanded to SmartCAM Advanced Fabrication and Advanced Wire EDM

New Verification Engine in Advanced Fabrication
New Verification Engine in Advanced Fabrication

Verification in Fabrication & Wire EDM

The new SmartCAM Toolpath Verification system is now also found in SmartCAM Advanced Fabrication and SmartCAM Wire EDM, adding toolpath simulation with material removal to those applications.

New Verification Engine in Advanced Wire EDM
New Verification Engine in Advanced Wire EDM

Introduced in SmartCAM v2017 Milling and Turning applications, the Verification system is based on ModuleWorks' state-of-the-art Simulation Component and replaces the Showpath functionality. The scope of the Verification system from SmartCAM Version 2018 includes:

  • Toolpath simulation and stock removal in a single, simplified user interface.
  • Ability to change view while the simulation is running.
  • Automatically pause the simulation after each element, step, tool, or collision.
  • Verify a single step, active group, range of elements, only what is on the screen, or the entire model.
  • Check and report gouging and fixture collisions.
  • Provides high-speed batch processing of toolpath elements; by element, step, tool, or entire model.
  • Pause and store current stock or fixture elements at any point as faceted STL elements.
  • Optionally display the toolpath, rapid moves, and end-points as the simulation runs optionally with or without material removal.
  • Direct verification of element, group of elements, or entire step via right mouse button menu
  • Create 3D clamps and hold downs using extruded profiles. (Advanced Fabrication only.)
  • Stock can be defined using a geometry profile or parametric material definition found in job info. (Advanced Fabrication only.)

Revolved Stock Generated from Wireframe Profiles

Previously only available in SmartCAM Turning applications, Wireframe profiles, whether open or closed, can be used to create revolved stock for milling applications. The stock profile will be revolved around the X-axis of the workplane assigned to the profile geometry.

Verification Revolved Stock in Milling applications
Verification Revolved Stock in Milling applications

Hide Small Pieces During Verification

Verification can automatically remove separated stock pieces, such as when there is material remaining from inside a closed profile. This verification option is enabled via the "Remove Stock Chunk" setting. This allows you to remove waste material during the simulation to better see the final results of the toolpath.

If the automated setting is off, the separated stock pieces can be manually removed using a right-mouse button menu.

New 'Pause At' Verification options

Two new Pause At conditions for tool changes and / or collisions can be used to pause the simulation to allow closer examination of toolpath process Verification.

In the initial Version 2017 release, collisions were displayed in the user-definable 'collision color' along with a collision warning but only at the end of verification. The new option enables SmartCAM engineers to see precisely where any collision problems occur within the toolpath processes.

An ability to pause verification at a Toolchange, complementing the existing pause at a Process Step change, is now also available.