SmartCAM v2021 Code Generation

Additional Code Generator Words

New Code Generator Words extend the scope and functionality available to creators of SmartCAM Code Generators.

  • #ArrayVarName[] - returns the size of an array variable.
  • #FINVAL( array reference ) - Used to output final / finishing variable values, FINVAL now supports an array variable as a parameter.
  • #RCNT - returns the current value of a #REPEAT() or #STEP_LIST() loop.
  • #RSIZ - holds the number of repeats specified for a #REPEAT() or #STEP_LIST() loop.
  • #STTIME - Holds the STEP cycle time for the previous STEP.
Here is not the place to comprehensively discuss use-case examples of these words. We refer you to the SmartCAM Code Generator Guide for complete information.