SmartCAM v2021 Introduction

SmartCAM v2021 Release
SmartCAM v2021 Release

Welcome to our SmartCAM® v2021 release highlight pages.

What an extraordinary and challenging year 2020 has been for everyone on the planet. Our development has predominantly been on a remote-working basis, making use of the available teamworking technology to help create this next major release of SmartCAM. In the new SmartCAM v2021 release we deliver further incremental developments to the CNC programming system of choice for our valued customers.

Our goal remains unchanged - to continuously deliver technology changes that add even more capability and productivity to SmartCAM, assisted with updates to the user interface and everyday usability improvements. We always strive to maintain "The SmartCAM Difference" going forward.

We are pleased to summarize the enhancements that have been created for the Version 2021 release.

Regards, Stay Healthy.
The Team at SmartCAMcnc.

SmartCAM v2021 Introduction

Major highlights include:

Process Model Viewers optional for all SmartCAM application product families.

Process Model Viewers - New: Four new optional Process Model Viewer applications become available in the SmartCAM v2021 release.

Process Model Viewers are used by office or machine shop personnel needing to view Toolpath or data available in the SmartCAM Process Model: Managers, Supervisors, Programmers, Machine Operators, Tool Setters, Inspectors, for example.

SmartCAM Viewers
SmartCAM Viewers

User Interface in all SmartCAM products

New: Layer Manager - A new Layer Manager has been added. CAD Layer management becomes simpler, more efficient and faster.

Layer Manager
Layer Manager

New: Toolbar Button Editor - A new Toolbar Button Editor has been added. Preferred Toolbar content is easier to setup than previously.

Windows File Open / Save - File Open / Save dialog now uses the standard Windows 10 format.

Visual Customization ToolKit in all SmartCAM licenses.

Image Token Added - Images can be incorporated in SmartCAM Visual Customization ToolKit (the VCTK) panels and dialogs.

Images for CTK Panels and Dialogs
Images for CTK Panels and Dialogs

Toolpath Modeling in all SmartCAM Milling applications

Check Distance - Tool Check Distances can now be set in the Planner.

Job Information in all SmartCAM products

Job Information - The Job Information panel has a new Created For data field

Code Generation in all SmartCAM applications.

Additional Code Generator Words - Additional Code Generator Words become avaliable at SmartCAM v2021.

Macro Language in all SmartCAM applications

Subroutine handling - Additional functions for processing subprograms.

Stepover Calculation - A new function to help calculate tool stepover values.

ACIS Kernel in all SmartCAM applications

ACIS - Update to ACIS v2020.

Includes support for Solid Edge Version 2020 CAD files.

Documentation for all SmartCAM applications

Customization Guide - The Customization Guide is now a part of Learning SmartCAM.