SmartCAM v2022 Macro Language

The SmartCAM Macro System benefits from new functions.

New: Macro Variables Filter

A new filter field on the Macro Variables Dialog enables the variables list to be filtered to a subset of Macro Variables.

The filter field takes regular Macro Variable name characters as well as wildcards, '?' to match a single character and '*' to match multiple characters.

Macro Variables Filter
Macro Variables Filter

Macro Commands

Multiple commands and functions have been added to enhance macro processing capability.

  • JOS_JVAR_APPLY[] - applies all Job Variable related property changes.
  • JOS_JVAR_CLEAR[] - clears all Job Variables.
  • JOS_JVAR_REMOVE[NAME=S] - removes a specific Job Variable from the Job Variables list.
  • JOS_JVAR_STORE[NAME=S, TYPE=D, VALUE=S, DESC=S] - adds a Job Varable and sets its name, type, value and description.
  • VAR_REMOVE_LIST[LST=""] - removes a comma separated list of macro variables including use of a single char wildcard, '?', and a multiple char wildcard '*'.
  • WKPLN_COUNT() - returns the number of workplanes currently defined.
  • WKPLN_WRAD(plane index) - returns the workplane wrap radius or 0 if the plane is not wrapped or doesn't exist.
  • UNITS()- returns the units of the current process model
  • SPLIT_STR("source string", "delimiters")- breaks the source string into a series of tokens using the delimiter string characters as seperators
  • ISALPHA(S)- returns whether a string element is a letter [A-Z].
  • ISDIGIT(S)- returns whether a string element is a digit [0-9].
  • ISPUNCT(S)- returns whether a string element is punctuation.
  • ISLOWER(S)- returns whether a string element is a lowercase letter.
  • ISUPPER(S)- returns whether a string element is an uppercase letter.
  • ISSPACE(S)- returns whether a string element is whitespace.