SmartCAM v2024 Introduction

Welcome to our SmartCAM® v2024 release highlight pages.

In the SmartCAM v2024 release we continue to improve and enhance the CNC programming professional's tool of choice for developing tailored CNC programs. We have focused on user interface and display improvements that will help continue to improve the programmer's efficiency and accuracy in the CNC program development process.

Our goal remains unchanged - to continuously deliver technology changes that add even more capability and productivity to SmartCAM, assisted with updates to the user interface and everyday usability improvements. We always strive to maintain "The SmartCAM Difference" going forward.

We are pleased to summarize the enhancements that have been created for the Version 2024 release.

Highlights include:

  • Functionality Improvements - Significant improvements made to job operations and verification.
  • Machining Additions - We are excited to announce additional tool types and new work setup home positions!
  • General Improvements -Updates to Select All and JOS Reporting.
  • Macro Improvements -Updates to the Mid-point Location, Named Group, Diagnostic Messaging, and Unknown Variable Check
  • Data Translation -Updates to many CAD Model formats.
The Team at SmartCAMcnc.

SmartCAM v2024 Introduction

Major highlights include:

Functionality Improvements in all SmartCAM applications

Job Operations Planner Manager - The existing Job Operations Planner has been greatly modernized to work and look more like the Layer and Workplane Managers. The manager-style Planner incorporates a grid presentation for data. Most operations work with the active selected Grid row.

Planner Manager
Planner Manager

Verification Enhancements - Improvements to Sticky Stock/Fixture Icons, Save As/Export, File/Copy with Verificaton, Cluster Punch and Surface Display.

Machining Additions in many SmartCAM products

New Milling Tool Types - New Chamfer Mill, Rounding Mill, and single point Thread Mill tools.

New Work Setup Home Positioning - Home Position options on the Work Setup tab allow home return behavior to be specified on a job by job basis, eliminating the need to have separate .SMF files.

Home Position Dialog Milling
Home Position Dialog Milling

General Improvements in all SmartCAM products

Select All - Select All highlights the contents of the entire input field, allowing you to quickly select all the contents of an input field.

JOS Report adding Tool Preview Graphics - New HTML report includes Tool Preview Graphics.

JOS Tool Report
JOS Tool Report

Macro Improvements in all SmartCAM products

Mid-point Location - The new macro functions return the mid-point ordinate of the selected element.

Named Group Exist - You provide the name of the Named Group, as an argument, and it returns either a 0 (not found) or 1 (named group found).

Diagnostic Message Update - Write text to the Utility - Diagnostic by passing the text using a new DIAGMSG() macro functions.

Check To See If Variable Is Unknown - When a variable is declared, but not assigned a value, it contains a temporary value of UNKNOWN.

Data Translation

Translators - CAD Translator Updates.