SmartCAM v2024 Macro Improvements

Enhancements have been made to the Mid-point location, Named Group, Diagnosic Messages, and Unknown Variables

Mid-point Location

The new macro functions return the mid-point ordinate of the selected element and returns the mid-point ordinate for lines, arcs, helixes, points, user functions, markup note leaders, and grooves.

Named Group Exist

This is useful when writing macros that require the creation of a dynamic number of named groups and on clean-up to help in removing temporary named groups created while the macro runs.

Diagnostic Message Update

This can be useful when debugging macros, as you can output text to the diagnostic window at various points in your macro to see what has been run. Status information can be output throughout the macro runs, so that you can later use it to make sure everything completed as expected.

Check To See If Variable Is Unknown

This allows you to test for that value. IS_UNKNOWN_D(D) checks a DECIMAL variable and returns 1 for UNKNOWN or 0 for any other value. IS_UNKNOWN_I(I) checks an INTEGER variable and returns 1 for UNKNOWN, otherwise returns a 0.