SmartCAM Subscription Agreement Benefits

SmartCAM Subscription Agreements (SSA) are available for the entire SmartCAM software product line.

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SmartCAM Software Subscription agreements provide the following benefits:

No cost updates to the current version of your SmartCAM products
SmartCAMcnc releases new versions of each SmartCAM CAM software application and subscription 'Service Packs'. These releases provide new and enhanced functionality, application improvements that offer real, time-saving productivity improvements. As an SSA customer you will receive notification of any update and be provided with immediate download access to them.

Expert Technical Support
SmartCAM is supported by experienced SmartCAM personnel who have used and supported SmartCAM for decades. They are manufacturing professionals with many years of real-world experience, and are ready to respond quickly and efficiently to your SmartCAM use questions and issues. Support is also included for assisting with customized macros and code generators.

Product License Key Support
When you have unexpected computer problems or replace a system with a new one, replacement license keys are provided to SSA customers at no cost.

Premium Technical Support Content
A variety of additional training and productivity tools are available to SSA customers in the SmartCAMcnc SSA Premium Content support pages. This secure area is an ongoing source of new and valuable support features. Click here to enter the SSA Premium Content site. (Requires username and password.)

Input to Product Development
As an SSA customer you are investing in the future of SmartCAM, and perhaps your most valuable benefit is that you can make a tangible difference in the future of your product. The feedback of SSA customers regarding feature requests and problem resolution are given priority consideration. Virtually every new release has many improvements taken directly from SSA customer suggestions.

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