SmartCAM Products Overview

The SmartCAM® software family consists of CAM applications for CNC milling, turning, fabrication and wire EDM as well as optional native CAD data translators for the leading CAD vendors.

SmartCAM CAM Software


  • SmartCAM Production Milling The entry-level wireframe-based milling product for 2- and 2½‑axis machining with 4th‑axis positioning
  • SmartCAM Advanced Milling The SmartCAM professional's choice for 2‑ through 3‑axis machining as well as 4‑ and 5‑axis positioning using wireframe and solid data
  • SmartCAM FreeForm Machining The SmartCAM professional's best choice for 2‑axis work to complex 3‑axis with 4‑ and 5‑axis positioning for molds, dies, and prototypes using wireframe and solid data



  • SmartCAM Advanced Fabrication The SmartCAM application for CNC fabrication machines, including punches, burners, lasers, waterjets, punch/plasma, and punch/laser combinations

Wire EDM

Native CAD Translators (optional by purchase)