Creating a Barstop

Technote 114
Product: Production Turning, Advanced Turning
Date: 06/96
Version: All

This technote will describe how to create the logic in your template file necessary to output a barstop. The template file will recognize a dead tooling station by its speed properties and output code for a barstop at that point.


Job File:

In the Job File you will be using, create a fictional tool (one you do not intend on using), and give it a spindle speed of 0. It is best to give this tool an ID number that makes it easily discernible from the other tools. Set the feed rate to 1 (You can set the other tool parameters to anything you like because they are irrelevant). Save the file.

Template File:

Add this line of logic in the @RAP section of your template file:


Make sure this is the first line in your @RAP section. Make a new section at the end of your template file called @BARSTOP. Add these 3 lines of logic to it:


Save the file.


Now all you have to do is insert a point with the dead tool where you want your Barstop to occur. When you code it using the edited template file it will rapid to that point, recognize the spindle speed of zero, and stop the machine. The machine will then continue from its Barstop point when re-started.