How do I print Job Notes in a report?

Technote 115
Product: All
Date: 07/96
Version: v9.x

How do I print Job Notes in a report?


In order to print "Job Info" notes from Version 9 Job Operation Planner, the following additions must be added to your MJOBINF.FMT file located in \sm9\mill\josrpt. For other applications change 'mill' to the appropriate application and the first letter of MJOBINF to the matching application (TJOBINF.FMT for turning, for example).

Note: The additions are in italics.

extern integer units, rev;
extern string smf_file, created;
extern string rev_date, creator;
extern string prt_desc, matl_desc;
extern string job_note, mach_desc, matl_notes;

procedure section_5010000
  format ("Job Operations File= %s Date Created= %s\n", jof_file, 
  format (" Revisions= %-d Date Revised= %s\n\n", rev, rev_date);
  format (" Created by= %s\n\n", creator);
  format (" Machine Type= %s Units= %s\n", mach_desc, map ( units, 
   ["Inch", "Metric"]));
  format ("Part Description= %s\n", prt_desc);
  format (" Material Desc= %s\n\n", matl_desc);
  format (" Job Notes= %s\n\n", job_note);
  format (" Material Notes= %s\n\n", matl_notes);