Merging Files Causing 2515 Error

Technote 130
Product: All Products
Date: 08/96
Version: All

Receiving a 2515 error when merging large files.

Even though the 2515 error is defined as "error reading data file, file is either corrupt or of wrong type", this is not always the case. If you have performed ample transformations on your parts geometry then you have knowingly or unknowingly created AutoPlanes for every transformation operation.

Because AutoPlanes get accounted for in SmartCAM's current workplane limit of 1024, it is possible to overload the limit when merging in a file that also contains a large number of Work/AutoPlanes. During the merge process, if the workplane limit is reached, a 2515 error will be issued. To avoid 2515 errors caused by merging files, complete the following steps:

Step 1:
Before merging a file, select Workplane - Merge Plane and select all unneeded workplanes. "Select All" will attempt to merge the selected work planes with the first parallel work plane found in the dialog box list.

Step 2:
Select Workplane - Kill Plane and select all unneeded workplanes. "Select All" will kill all but the three reserved planes.

Step 3:
Once all unneeded planes have an "X" preceding them, select "Accept" to have these removed from the data base.

Step 4:
Proceed with merging the file.


If your programming requires repetitive merging of files, it's recommended that unneeded planes be killed between each merge to avoid hitting the 1024 workplane limit.