Cannot find Exploring Guides or example models

Technote 159
Date: 07/04
Product: All Applications
Version: v10.x to v11.5

Cannot locate the Exploring Guide documentation or supporting files.

  • Where are the Exploring tutorials located?
  • Exploring SmartCAM refers to training files located in the \sm9\train\(mill_e, mill_m, turn_e, wire_e) folders, but the files were not installed.


Where are the Exploring tutorials located?

The Exploring tutorials are not automatically installed. They are located on your CD in the \DOCMAN folder. They have names that begin with Q497EX and are PDF files (.pdf extension). The last two letters of the file name indicate for which product type they cover.

  • ML = milling
  • TR = turning
  • AF = fabrication
  • WE = EDM

Where are the training files located?

The training files are not automatically installed with the SmartCAM application. To install these files:

  1. Place SmartCAM CD into the CD drive.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and open the sm9 (sm10, or sm11) directory folder.
  3. Create a new folder named "train" (e.g., c:\sm11\train).
  4. In Windows Explorer browse to your CD drive and open the "\train" folder.
  5. Left mouse click and drag the folder for your application (mill_e, mill_m, turn_e, wire_e) to the \sm9\train folder.