Printing a Show Cut or Render Image

Technote 167
Date: 09/97
Product: Milling and Turning
Version: All

How can a Show Cut or Render image be printed on a Windows workstation?


  1. Open a SmartCAM Show Cut or Render window and create the shaded image you wish to print.
  2. Make sure the window with the image is the active window by clicking the top banner with the mouse.
  3. While the image is displayed, hold down the Alt key on the keyboard.
  4. While still holding the down the Alt key, press the Print Screen key on the keyboard. (This will take a snapshot of the active window and place it onto the Windows clipboard. The screen cursor may disappear for a few seconds.)
  5. Open the Windows Paint program: Start - Programs - Accessories - Paint.
  6. In the Paint program, select Edit from the upper menu.
  7. Select Paste from the drop down menu. (This should have pasted the snapshot from the clipboard into the Paint program)
  8. To get rid of the black background, select the Fill With Color Icon (second row from top, second column, looks like pouring paint jar.). If the icon palette is not there, pick View and check Tool Box.
  9. Select white as the fill color from the color palette at the bottom left of the screen. If the palette is not there, pick View and check Color Box.
  10. With the cursor, which should now look like the paint jar, click on the black background areas to paint them white.
  11. Select File - Print from the upper menu.
  12. Set up the proper printer and select OK.