"File not Found" error when using macro CODE command

Technote 173
Date: 01/98
Product: All
Version: v11.0

When executing a macro that uses the CODE command, an Error dialog box appears declaring "File not found".

Change the following lines in the CODE section of your application .su file. Save your changes and restart your SmartCAM application.

"mf" to "ms1"
"tf" to "mt1"

The SU files to edit for each application are:

Application SU Files
Production Turning ptdflt_i.su and ptdflt_m.su
Advanced Turning atdflt_i.su and atdflt_m.su
Production Milling pmdflt_i.su and pmdflt_m.su
Advanced Milling amdflt_i.su and amdflt_m.su
FreeForm Machining ffdflt_i.su and ffdflt_m.su
Advanced Fabrication afdflt_i.su and afdflt_m.su
Advanced Wire EDM awdflt_i.su and awdflt_m.su