AutoCAD® R14.xx .dwg files fail to translate to .pm4 files

Technote 181
Date: 09/98
Product: CAM Connection
Version: v11.1

Using CAM Connection v11.1 to translate AutoCAD® R14 and/or AutoCAD® R14.01 .dwg files to SmartCAM .PM4 files causes an "Application Error" or results in a "No elements translated" error.

For improved performance in translating AutoCAD R14 and/or AutoCAD R14.01 files to SmartCAM .PM4, download the v11.1 CAM Connection patch here:

To install the patch, download the patch file (564KB). Unzip to AcadCnv.exe and move it to the \Smartcam\system\ directory. This file will replace AcadCnv.exe file that was installed with SmartCAM v11.1.

New File - 10/19/98 03:33p
2,168,832 AcadCnv.exe

Replaces File - 05/15/98 02:58p
2,166,272 AcadCnv.exe