SMM not responding error

Technote 185
Date: 02/05
Product: FreeForm Machining (SMM)
Version: Pre-v12.x

Getting error "6614: SMM not respnding" when generating toolpath.

The pre-v12 SMM will fail with path/file names that have spaces in them ('Program Files' for example). If you have Custom installed SmartCAM in a location such as this, please uninstall and use a Typical install.

Be sure to install logged in as the user. See page 5 of your installation guide and this technical bulletin (section 1.7 particularly):

Technical Bulletin 155: Troubleshooting Installation and Licensing in Windows

User permissions are critical to a SmartCAM installation.

Check the [SMM] section of your ffm.ini file in the USER_HOME directory. Be sure that the path specified by the WorkDir variable is where the FFM and SMM executables are located and that the user has full permissions to this directory.

Check the ffm.ini pdelib_tmp variable under [Paths] and that this directory exists. This is a temporary storage directory and it is good to delete everything in it from time to time.